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4. June 2018

After last year’s successful crowdfunding campaign – which of course was only possible thanks to your generous help and support – we are going to take the challenge of this special alternative sponsoring again. Join in and be part of this great campaign for Waves Vienna 2018. And of course your support does not go without a special reward. Not only will we be able to make Waves Vienna happen at it’s usual size again, but you’ll also get to choose between different prizes such as a guided Backstage Tour with the festival director, a bottle Waves Vienna Champagne, the famous Waves Vienna Goodie Bag, a special edition Vinyl of one of our Headliners, a boat trip with the Waves Vienna Crew and many many more.

But have a look yourself: wemakeit.com/projects/waves-vienna-music-festival-2018

We have 35 days to reach our goal. Get your reward soon, some of them are only available at a limited number!



1. June 2018

Applications are now open for the artist exchange programme INES#talent, a programme that sends emerging musicians around Europe to play at influential showcase festivals. It’s part of the Innovation Network of European Showcases (INES), which is enabling more cross-border exchange for artists and music industry professionals. To expand the INES#talent programme to more European countries, four showcase festivals from Italy, Hungary, Germany and Czech Republic have joined INES as associated members.

  • INES#talent opens for artist applications from 12 countries on June 1st
  • More than 100 performance spots available for INES#talents at showcase festivals in 2019
  • Linecheck (IT), Budapest Showcase Hub (HUN), c/o pop (GER) and Nouvelle Prague (CZ) joined INES as associated members

Many music careers have been launched at these showcase festivals, all of which combine public performances with music business conferences and trade shows. INES#talent is a new European exchange programme that helps artists get booked at showcase festivals. It started in 2018 covering eight festivals across Europe. Now INES is expanding by adding four new festivals (Linecheck, Budapest Showcase Hub, c/o pop und Nouvelle Prague) to its network.

As a result, artists applying for INES#talent will get more chances to be booked. INES#talent is a pool of bands and solo performers who are selected by the festivals as the best new talent from their respective countries. This is a unique chance for artists to breakthrough and launch their international careers. There are around 100 performance slots available exclusively to artists in the INES#talent pool, for which 100 artists will be nominated by the participating festivals.

From June 1 until July 31, bands will be able to submit their applications at ines-festivals.eu/talents to be nominated as an INES#talent for 2019.

Most importantly, the selected artists will perform in front of music industry professionals in other countries, due to the special business-focused nature of showcase festivals. This increases their chance of being booked for future festivals and tours across European borders.

This year’s INES#talent pool is already enjoying the benefits of the programme. In 2018, 104 artists have been nominated for INES#talent by INES partner festivals. So far, 60 #talent bookings were confirmed for the 2018 festival season. Among the top talents are Molly (Austria), who have already played at three of four festivals, as well as 13 bands such as The Magnettes (Sweden), Futurski (Slovenia) and Mother’s Cake (Austria) with two bookings each.

Berlin-based indie band HYMMJ was selected through INES#talent to play at Enea Spring Break in Poland, and says: “Everything was perfectly organized and the crowd was enthusiastic! Radio stations, booking agencies and festivals approached us afterwards – we couldn’t ask for a better first show in Poland! Thanks to INES for making this possible.”

To apply, artists must originate from one of at least 12 countries where INES festivals take place. These are:

Austria (Waves Vienna),
Czech Republic (Nouvelle Prague),
Germany (c/o pop),
Hungary (Budapest Showcase Hub),
Italy (Linecheck),
Luxembourg (Sonic Visions),
Poland (Enea Spring Break),
Portugal (Westway LAB),
Slovenia (MENT Ljubljana),
Spain (Monkey Week),
Sweden (Live at Heart), and
United Kingdom (Liverpool Sound City)

INES is the European network of Showcase Festivals under the leadership of gigmit, the platform for artist discovery and booking. It is co-funded by the CREATIVE EUROPE programme of the European Union. Find more information here: ines-festivals.eu


9. May 2018

We are more than happy to present to you the first 21 artists to play the 8th edition of Waves Vienna from 27th to 29th of September 2018:

A Tale Of Golden Keys (DE)
Bergfilm (DE) – INES#talent
Blond (DE)
Chad Valley (UK)
Dives (AT)
Holy Now (SE)
Ilgen-Nur (DE)
Jett Rebel (NL)
La Jungle (BE)
Lysistrata (FR)
Mile Me Deaf (AT)
Nabihah Iqbal (UK)
Odd Couple (DE)
Paramount Styles (US)
Schnellertollermeier (CH)
Sfya (AT)
Teresa Rotschopf (AT)
The Go! Team (UK)
Thirsty Eyes (AT)
Trupa Trupa (PL)
Žen (HR)

Stay tuned for some more surprises in the next few month!

For a first impression have a look at our announcement trailer and keep updated on our website and on facebook.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Waves Vienna 2018 from 27th to 29th of September 2018. Get your tickets now – only 35 EUR* till 15th of May!

*FESTIVAL PASSES available at Ö-Ticket and wienXtra-jugendinfo.



8. May 2018

The Innovation Network of European Showcases, INES, starts an initiative to make knowledge imparted at music business conferences more sustainable and accessible by providing the filmed content all in one place online.

  • INES#conference video platform launches the 9th of May on ines-festivals.eu/conference
  • Platform will host over 120 recordings from conference sessions all over Europe to educate music professionals in Europe beyond the borders of showcase festivals conferences.

The music business is one of the hardest to start your career in, because quality music business schools and education programmes are rare to find. Most of the important hands-on knowledge transfer by music professionals is happening at music business conferences throughout Europe. Those events are usually limited to a certain professional audience, since not everybody has the means to afford the conference ticket neither to travel to the events. And even if they could, the number of chairs in a conference room would always be limited.

In an age of digital uptake, this needs to be changed and democratised.That is why the eight INES partner showcase festival conferences and project leader gigmit started INES#conference, as part of the Innovation Network of European Showcases (INES), which is co-funded by the CREATIVE EUROPE programme of the European Union.

The idea is as simple as effective: filming conference sessions and providing them online on a easy to use video platform. Over the next two years, more than 120 videos from at least eight conferences will be added and sorted. Established music professionals, as well as artists or starters in the music industry, will be able to use this rich source for free and benefit from the knowledge, insights and outcomes that are created at the panels, workshops and keynotes all over Europe.

“In today’s ever-changing digital music landscape, it’s more important than ever for professionals to stay informed about emerging trends. New platforms launch and fold, revenue streams dry up and new money fountains explode, international networks become more and more important. Anyone not paying attention is quickly left behind.”, says INES project coordinator Magdalena Zschunke.

“That’s why we started this initiative and hope to grow it into Europe’s central source of decentralised music business knowledge.”The #conferences of MENT Ljubljana in Slovenia are already available online. More videos will join constantly over the next weeks and months.

INES #conference dates for 2018:

MENT Ljubljana    31.01.- 03.02.

Westway LAB        11.04. – 14.04.

Enea Spring Break    19.04. – 21.04.

Liverpool Sound City    04.05. – 06.05.

Live at Heart        02.09. – 08.09.

Waves Vienna        27.09. – 29.09.

Sonic Visions        16.11. – 17.11.

Monkey Week        22.11. – 24.11.

Free INES#pro accreditation on ines-festivals.eu/pro


8. May 2018

INES#pro aims to support European music professionals to discover bands, create personal networks, be educated and craft powerful synergies by offering over 400 free accreditation passes for all INES showcase festivals and conferences around Europe .

You are a European music professional and want to visit Waves Vienna 2018? Apply here to be an INES#pro delegate at Waves Vienna or any other of the eight partner festivals of the Innovation Network of European Showcase Festivals supported by the Creative Europe Programm of the European Union: ines-festivals.eu/pro/

Application is open till 31th of May 2018.


8. May 2018

We are more than happy to present this years focus countries for Waves Vienna: Portugal and Slovakia. True to the motto “East Meets West”, there will be a focus on acts from these countries in the live programme and in course of the Waves Vienna Music Conference we will furthermore devote a part of its programme to the respective music markets and scenes of these countries.

Also we are warmly welcoming our new festival mascots, a very handsome owl, to accompany us alongside the 8th edition of Waves Vienna! Same as last years mascot the owl was also designed by Philippa Grob and Franka Rothaug.


8. May 2018

Keychange is a pionieering European initiative which empowers woman to transform the future of music and encourages festivals to achieve a 50:50 gender balance by 2022. Keychange is led by PRS Foundation, supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, in partnership with the founding members Musikcentrum Öst, Reeperbahn Festival, Iceland Airwaves, BIME, Tallinn Music Week, Way Out West and Mutek.

By now international 85 music conferences and festivals have signed up to join the project and thereby commit to a positive action. Waves Vienna is very happy to be one of them! As associate member festival Waves Vienna is making a gender balance commitment concerning the number of women in the musical line up as well as in the conference programm. The goal is to reach and overall 50:50 gender balance by 2022.

“The fact that women are still underrepresented in the music business – on stage as well as behind the stage or working in management and other leading positions – is undeniable. But so is the fact that there are thousands of exceptionally competent and talented women working in these fields. Contributing to an initiative like Keychange in order to reach a gender balance of 50:50 and thereby empower women and their visibility in the music business and above seems a perfectly natural thing to do. Waves Vienna is happy to be part of Keychange.”Susanna Fellner, Waves Vienna

By bringing together like-minded festivals and conference programmers committed to positive action, Keychange aims to create much needed long-term change in live music and beyond.

The Keychange network of female artists and industry professionals and the festival partners’ idea of establishing a collective pledge will significantly accelerate change. I hope that this will be the start of a more balanced industry which will result in benefits for everyone.” Vanessa Reed, CEO of PRS Foundation


25. April 2018

The launch of the INES platform marks the official start of the EU-funded showcase festival network, which aims to reinforce the connections between European showcase festivals, artists and music industry professionals. Besides the start of the INES#pro support programme for music professionals, nearly 100 INES#talents are getting announced for 2018.

● INES website launches on 30.11.2017 – www.ines-festivals.eu
● Registrations are open for INES#pro 2018. Over 50 passes per festival are available.
● Nearly 100 European Artists are confirmed for the INES#talent programme

The Innovation Network of European Showcases – INES, is a European cooperation project established by eight international showcase festivals and gigmit, the European platform for artist discovery and booking.

In 2017, INES raised over € 2MIO from the European Union’s CREATIVE EUROPE programme for its mission to support the international careers of music professionals and artists by getting them involved with music business events all over Europe.

Official project start with the INES platform launch on 30th of November 2017

With the launch of the website, it is now possible for artists to submit their festival applications (INES#festivals) and for music professionals to register for the INES#pro programme. All INES#talents are getting announced for 2018.
The first videos for INES#conference will be published in May 2018. The video library will host all recorded conference panels from all INES showcase festivals in order to create a sustainable database of professional music knowledge.

Support programme INES#pro for music professionals

INES#pro aims to support European music professionals to discover bands, create personal networks, be educated and craft powerful synergies by offering over 400 free accreditation passes for all INES showcase festivals and conferences around Europe .

Promising European talents are getting announced for INES#talent

For the first INES#talent exchange programme 2018, around 100 artists have been selected. Promising artists from nine European countries will be booked by all participating showcase festivals during the next year.
Every INES partner nominated around 10 artists from their own country as INES#talents. This programme will enable young talents to get equal European exposure and the chance to build their international careers by showcasing around Europe.


Nominated INES#talents for 2018:

Austria: Cari Cari, 5K HD, Mother’s Cake, Wandl, Lea Santee, Soia, Lukas Lauermann, MOLLY, Mynth, TENTS, Ankathie Koi, Hearts Hearts, Gospel Dating Service, At Pavillon, NIHILS

Germany: RIKAS, LEONIDEN, WOMAN, Federico Albanese, HYMMJ, CAPITANO, Henry And The Waiter, JOEY VOODOO, Bergfilm, Moglebaum, JOSIN

Luxembourg: ROME, Napoleon Gold, L.I.L. STAR, Sun Glitters, Bartleby Delicate, Seed to Tree, EDSUN, Dorian & Louvar, Monophona, TUYS, Mutiny on the Bounty

Poland: Eric Shoves Them In His Pockets, Niemoc, Buslav, Terrific Sunday, Lion Shepherd, Bastard Disco, Decadent Fun Club, Hatti Vatti, Małgola, Young Stadium Club, Deer Daniel, Michał Kmieciak, WASIO

Portugal: Quest, III, Moonshiners, We Bless This Mess, Serushiô, Dear Telephone, LINCE, Noiserv, Sensible Soccers, You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown

Slovenia: Koala Voice, FUTURISKI, Bowrain, Matter, It’s everyone else, FFX, Darla Smokin, Kukushai, Haiku Garden

Spain: NIÑA COYOTE ETA CHICO TORNADO, Esteban & Manuel, Escorpio, ZULU ZULU, Antropoloops, Bronquio, Le Parody, All La Glory, Quentin Gas & Los Zíngaros, Bala, Fasenuova

Sweden: Lighthouse Sweden, Jetbone, The Hawkins, The Magnettes, Meadows, more artists tba UK: FALSE HEADS, False Advertising, TIGRESS, pink kink, XamVolo, HAARM, Nick Ellis, BLOXX, Catholic Action, The Blinders, Queen Zee & The Sasstones

// more information:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inesfestivals/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/inesfestivals
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inesfestivals/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClbxK9mDpZDmcbWrfay-new/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/18337063/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/rebydtbgiilg2789j22w4fsm4



26. September 2017

With your Waves Vienna Festival wristband you get lots of specials and discounts at shops and restaurants around the Festival Centre WUK. Plese note, that these special offers are only available from 28.-30.SEP.2017 and are not valid for Day Passes.

STATT BEISL – Währinger Straße 59, Thu 11–2h, Fri 11–4h, Sat 17–4h
Legendary Statt-Beisl at WUK will not only host concerts, but also supplies us with his delicous sandwiches (pulled brisket & mozarella), Viennese Craft Beer Domrep Pils and most important: a cake and coffee deal for € 3,80! Show your wris tband to get special discounts!

SÜSSES ECK – Währinger Straße 65, Thu-Sat 10–19:30h
The family-run business has been feeding us with high quality sweets from around the world for more than 100 years. With your festival wristband you get 10% discount on 110 varieties of liquorice and the Berlin “Schleck-Druff” cocktail ice for € 2,30 instead of € 2,60, first served basis!

RISTORANTE FRANCESCO – Währinger Straße 66, 11–24h, food –23h
Apart from the quality of the ingredients, fresh preparation and exclusive service, the variety of the dishes is another great reason to enjoy Italian cuisine at Restaurante Francesco. Exclusively for you, the chef himself created a veggie “Waves pasta” and you can get the Pizza Francesco for € 9,50 instead of € 12,50.

LE CAFE’ TO GO – Währinger Straße 61, Thu & Fri 7-19 h, Sat 9-14 h
Each coffee is prepared with love and care from the Barista and is available with whole milk, lactose-free milk or soy milk. Only products of the highest quality are used for your coffee – and you can taste it! Get 30 % discount, not only on coffee and chocolate milk, but also on Muffins&Co!

OKINAWA SUSHI BAR – Währinger Straße 52, Thu-Sat 11–22h
Don’t let yourself be fooled by the Okinawa’s shop size: As small as it may be, it has a big fan base! Wonderful food, friendly service and unbeatable prices are good reasons to stop by this little treasure. Special: Waves Box with 2 x salmon sushi and 6 x avocado maki for € 5. Best avocado maki in town!
Taverna Gyros – Währingerstrasse 49, Thu-Sat 11-23 h, food –22 h
A small trip to Greece offers the newly opened Taverna Gyros with Suvlaki, Tsatsiki, fish and grill specialties, pitas, burgers and more! Festival visitors with a wristband get minus 10% on all meals!

WIEN MUSEUM – Karlsplatz 8, 1040 Wien, Thu-Sat 10-18 h
“Ganz Wien” is the name of the new exhibition in Wien Museum which deals with six decades of Viennese pop history. € 7 admission fee instead of € 10 for Waves visitors!