Agent Cooper (AT)
Allen Alexis (AT)
Andrew Hung (UK)
Brasstronaut (CA)
Bilderbuch (AT)
Black Shampoo (AT)
British Sea Power (UK)
Cherry Sunkist (AT)
Clara Luzia (AT)
D.I.M. (DE)
Destroy, Munich (AT)
Die Eternias (AT)
Dikta (IS)
DJ Phono (DE)
Emily Barker (US)
Ewert and the Two Dragons (EE)
Figurines (DK)
Film (GR)
Gang of Four (UK)
Haight-Ashbury (UK)
Ian Fisher (US)
Instrumenti (LV)
Is Tropical (UK)
Jacek Sienkiewicz (PL)
Jamie Woon (UK)
Jana Vébrová (CZ)
Jellybeat (AT)
Ken Hayakawa (AT)
Kenton Slash Demon (DK)
Killed By 9V Batteries (AT)
Kreatiivmootor (EE)
Kyst (PL)
Little Scream (CA)
Longital (SK)
M185 (AT)
Ogris Debris (AT)
Peterlicker (AT)
Petrol (RS)
Photek (UK)
Plastic Swans (SK)
Resorts (CA)
Retro Stefson (IS)
Rubik (FI)
School is Cool (BE)
Sheila She Loves You (CH)
Sin Fang (IS)
Slap In The Bass (HU)
Soap & Skin (AT)
Svavar Knútur (IS)
Sweet Sweet Moon (AT)
Tempelhof (CZ)
The Beth Edges (AT)
The Duke Spirit (UK)
The Uniques (SK)
Touchy Mob (DE)
When Saints Go Machine (DK)
WhoMadeWho (DK)
Wolfram (AT)
Woody Alien (PL)
Zola Jesus (US)

Guest Countries: France, Poland

1984 (FR)
Absynthe Minded (BE)
Addison Groove (UK)
Anna Aaron (CH)
Aeromaschine (RO)
Agent Side Grinder (SE)
And The Golden Choir (DE)
The Bianca Story (CH)
Birgit Bidder (SE)
Bloom (SK)
Botibol (FR)
Bottled In England (DK)
Didi Bruckmayr & Mussurunga (AT)
Bunny Lake (AT)
Sera Cahoone (US)
Charlie Straight (Band) (CZ)
Colt Silvers (FR)
Concrete Knives (FR)
Dena (BG)
Dillon (DE)
Dorn (AT)
Dust Covered Carpet (AT)
DZA (Musiker) (RU)
Electric Suicide Club (FR)
Eloui (AT)
Esteban’s (AT)
Fenster (DE)
B. Fleischmann (AT)
Friedrich & Ludwig (AT)
Frostfelt (FO)
Ghostpoet (UK)
Gold Panda (UK)
Got Blue Balls (SK)
Gravenhurst (UK)
Hal Flavin (UK)
Honig (DE)
Inborn (LU)
Juveniles (FR)
Kamp! (PL)
Kavinsky (FR)
Kidcat Lo-fi (AT)
Björn Kleinheinz (SE)
Konea Ra-Phekt-Luma.Launisch (AT)
Luise Pop (AT)
Mario & Vidis (LT)
Me and My Drummer (DE)
Mieux (AT)
mile me deaf (AT)
Milk+ (AT)
Miloopa (PL)
Mopedrock!! (AT)
La Mort De Darius (FR)
Mujuice (RU)
Murmansk (FI)
Neodisco (AT)
Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children (DK)
Nova Heart (CN)
Novika and Lex (PL)
Orka + Budam (FO)
Öszibarack (PL)
Pantha du Prince (DE)
Violetta Parisini (AT)
Paula i Karol (PL)
The Pharmacy (US)
Plus Guest (FR)
Poétique Électronique (DE)
Mike Polinary (PL)
Professor Leopard (CZ)
Rangleklods (DK)
Rats on Rafts (NL)
The Raw Men Empire (IL)
Rocketnumbernine (UK)
Lucy Rose (UK)
Rue Royale (UK)
Rustie (UK)
Sakaris (FO)
Sea & Air (DE)
Sex Jams (AT)
The Soundtrack of Our Lives (SE)
Stereoface (AT)
Stranded Horse (FR)
Einar Stray (NO)
The Suicide Of Western Culture (ES)
Sun Glitters (LU)
Swearing At Motorists (US)
Talking To Turtles (DE)
Team Me (NO)
Thomalla & Martin Riegelnegg (AT)
A Thousand Fuegos (AT)
Too Tangled (BE)
Toy (UK)
Tu Fawning (US)
Twilite (PL)
Vierkanttretlager (DE)
Vinnie Who (DK)
The Wave Pictures (UK)
The Wedding Present (UK)
Wolfram (AT)
Wrongkong (DE)
Zebra Dots (HR)

Guest Countries: Slovenia, Belgium

A.G. Trio (AT)
Amatorski (BE)
Kari Amirian (PL)
Anika (DE)
Artur8 (PL)
Ash My Love (AT)
Attwenger (AT)
Au Revoir Simone (US)
The Beth Edges (AT)
Birth of Joy (NL)
Blckshp (PL)
Marla Blumenblatt (DE)
Didi Bruckmayr & The M-Fx (AT)
Calais (AT)
Charli XCX (UK)
Cid Rim (AT)
The Clonious (AT)
Cold Mailman (NO)
Coldair (PL)
Coma Stereo (SI)
Compuphonic (BE)
Cousins (CA)
Crunch 22 (IL)
Dans Dans (BE)
Thomas David (AT)
Deadnote Danse (AT)
Dream Koala (FR)
Lenka Dusilova (CZ)
Electric Soft Parade (UK)
The End Band (AT)
Ernesty International (AT)
Exclusive (DE)
Nathan Fake (UK)
Farewell Dear Ghost (AT)
Fijuka (AT)
Filou (AT)
Float Fall (BE)
Flying Horseman (BE)
Fuckhead (AT)
The GFs (CZ)
Ghost Capsules (AT)
Girls In Hawaii (BE)
Go! Go! Gorillo (AT)
Ian Green (SI)
Grimus (RO)
Headbirds (ES)
Hella Comet (AT)
Hurricane Dean (DE)
Frida Hyvönen (SE)
I-Wolf & The Chainreactions (AT)
Iceage (DK)
Illute (DE)
It’s Everyone Else (SI)
Janefondas (AT)
Japanther (US)
Alise Joste (LV)
Julian und der Fux (AT)
Kabul Dreams (AF)
Kate Boy (SE)
Kieslowski (CZ)
Kill Kenny (SI)
Kingsfoil (US)
Martin Klein (AT)
Aidan Knight (CA)
Kreisky (AT)
Kristoffer and the Harbour Heads (SE)
Krystal Klear (UK)
Yuri Landman Ensemble (NL)
Leure (AU)
Lovely Quinces (HR)
M185 (AT)
Magic Arm (UK)
Majestic Mood (AT)
Milk Drinkers (SI)
Mmoths (IE)
Monophona (LU)
Moogle (AT)
Mozes & The Firstborn (NL)
Múm (IS)
My Heart Belongs To Cecilia Winter (CH)
Napravi Mi Dete (SI)
New Wave Syria (SI)
Nowhere Train (AT)
Nutrasweet (AT)
Ola Horhe (RS)
Oscar And The Wolf (BE)
Pink Studio (HR)
Punda Omar (AT)
The Reboot Joy Confession (AT)
The Ringo Jets (TR)
Ned Rise (AT)
Ritornell (AT)
Say Yes Dog (LU)
Sex On The Beach (AT)
Skream (UK)
Slut (DE)
Sohn (UK)
Soldout (BE)
The Toronto Drug Bust (SI)
The Touch (SE)
Touristen Tempo (AT)
Trains Of Thoughts (AT)
Uciel (AT)
Velojet (AT)
Velvet Two Stripes (CH)
Mika Vember (AT)
Vortex Rex (AT)
Wandl (AT)
We Walk Walks (AT)
Werefox (SI)
The Who The What The Yeah (AT)
Woodcut (AT)
Zanshin (AT)

Guest Countries: Netherlands, Croatia

A Basement in Bloom (AT)
A Tale Of Golden Keys (DE)
Abby Lee Tee (AT)
Adisdead (AT)
Aka Tell (AT)
Alcoholic Faith Mission (DK)
Alexa Feser (DE)
Alexis Taylor (UK)
Ana Curcin (RS)
Andaka (AT)
Anything Maria (FR)
Atlanter (NO)
Bad Weed (AT)
Ballet School (DE)
Blaenavon (UK)
Carl Et Les Hommes-Boites (BE)
Carnival Youth (LV)
Charity Children (DE)
Cheaters (NL)
Chili And The Whalekillers (IS)
Chris Emray (AT)
Crazy Bitch In A Cave (AT)
Dave Tarrida (UK)
David Douglas (NL)
Die Nerven (DE)
Disco Demons (AT)
Electric Lady (CZ)
Electrosexual (DE)
Everything is Made In China (RU)
Fairlight Club DJs (AT)
Fesch (AT)
Fino (AT)
First Aid Kit (SE)
FM4 DJs (AT)
Freud (AT)
Future:Art (AT)
Fvlcrvm (SK)
Garden City Movement (IL)
Get Your Gun (DK)
Giantree (AT)
Girl Band (IE)
Go Go Berlin (DK)
Golden Parazyth (LT)
Gospel Dating Service (AT)
Houpací Konê (CZ)
Hunter & The Bear (UK)
Intergalactic Lovers (BE)
Irena Zilic (HR)
Isaiah (IL)
Jaakko Eino Kalevi (FI)
Jennie Abrahamson (SE)
Jimmy And The Goofballs (AT)
Jimmy Pé (SK)
Johann Sebastian Bass (AT)
Johannes Benz (CZ)
Jonathan (HR)
Julia Marcell (PL)
Kids N Cats (AT)
Kommando Elefant (AT)
Koreless (UK)
Kwabs (UK)
Leitstrahl & Friends (AT)
Leyya (AT)
Local Suicide (DE)
Lydmor (DK)
Manu Delago Handmade (AT)
Maximilian Meindl (AT)
Mieko Suzuki (DE)
Mieze Medusa & Tenderboy (AT)
Mirel Wagner (FI)
Mlat (HR)
Mo Kenney (CA)
Modell Doo (AT)
Mount Kimbie (UK)
My House in Spain (AT)
Neonstream (AT)
Nihils (AT)
Nikki Louder (SI)
No Head On My Shoulders feat. Ceren Oran (AT)
Noah Kin (FI)
Nutrasweet (AT)
Oknai (SI)
Palindrome (AT)
Pilot Jr. (AT)
Pional (ES)
Pomrad (BE)
Prasselbande (AT)
Propella (AT)
Puncke (HR)
Rakede (DE)
Redinho (UK)
Repetitor (RS)
Repint (AT)
Ruth Koleva (BG)
Schafe & Wölfe (DE)
Schmieds Puls (AT)
Scott Matthew (AU)
Snoww Crystal (AT)
Soda Fabric (IL)
Sopot (BA)
Spaceman Spiff (DE)
Still Parade (DE)
Tamar Antler (IL)
Tante Elze (SK)
Tenfold Rabbit (EE)
The Animen (CH)
The Boys You Know (AT)
The Hidden Cameras (CA)
The Pixels (RO)
The Town Heroes (CA)
Thees Uhlmann & Band (DE)
Toulouse Lautrec (RO)
Us Lights (US)
Villalog (AT)
Vlasta Popic (HR)
Vvhile (RS)
Walter Schnitzelsson (SK)
We Invented Paris (CH)
Your Gay Thoughts (SI)
Y’akoto (DE)
Zapaska (UA)

Guest Countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia

1314 (RU)
Abby Lee Tee (AT)
Adi (IL)
Akjela (AT)
Alina Orlova (LT)
Alise Joste (LV)
All Strings Detached (SI)
Anja Chiara (AT)
Ankathie Koi (AT)
Ant Antic (AT)
Anton Maskeliade (RU)
Astrid North (DE)
Austra (CA)
Austrian Apparel (AT)
Avec (AT)
Blaž & Simon (SI)
Cardiochaos (AT)
Cepasa (UA)
Chikiss (RU)
Clara Blume (AT)
Coasts (UK)
Colours of Bubbles (LT)
Colostrum (AT)
Dagamba (LV)
Dani Dorchin (IL)
Darkstar (UK)
Ebony Bones (UK)
Elsa Tootsie & The Mini Band (AT)
Elephants from Neptune (EE)
Emma Longard (DE)
Fallgrapp (SK)
Femme En Fourrure (FI)
Foolish Green (MK)
Filament (Mimu Merz/Lukas Lauermann, AT)
Gasmac Gilmore (AT)
Golden Kanine (SE)
Golden Parazyth (LT)
Granada (AT)
Hearts Hearts (AT)
Hey Elbow (SE)
Hisser (FI)
Holden Caulfield (CZ)
Honne (UK)
Hren (AT)
Inner Tongue (AT)
James Gruntz (CH)
Jamie Lawson (UK)
Jesper Munk (DE)
Joy Wellboy (BE)
JoyCut (IT)
June (MK)
Jurgis Did (LT)
Kane West (UK)
Kero Kero Bonito (UK)
Keston Cobblers’ Club (UK)
Koala Voice (SI)
Konea Ra (AT)
Laika Suns (LV)
Lake Malawi (CZ)
Le Corps Mince de Françoise (FI)
Lea Santee (AT)
Lehnen (AT)
Leon Somov & Jazzu (LT)
Le Toy (AT)
Lian (AT)
Like Elephants (AT)
Little Boots (UK)
Ludovik Material (SI)
Lúisa (DE)
Luke Black (RS)
Lylit (DE)
Maïa Barouh (JP)
Mari Kalkun (EE)
Maximilian Meindl (AT)
Micucu (EE)
Mike Skinner DJ-Set (UK)
Mother’s Cake (AT)
Mr. Myster (LV)
Mynth (AT)
Namby Pamby Boy (AT)
Naked Woods (HU)
Neuschnee (AT)
Never Sol (CZ)
Nicole Jaey (AT)
Nvmeri (SK)
Nutrasweet (AT)
Odd Hugo (EE)
Oddisee & Good Company (US)
Other Noises (RU)
Pablo Nouvelle (CH)
Paper Beat Scissors (CA)
Philco Fiction (NO)
Pins (UK)
Pola-Riot (AT)
Portha (AT)
Purist (SK)
Purple Souls (AT)
Quiet Company (US)
Rebeka (PL)
Robb (AT)
Rykarda Parasol (US)
Sabina (IL)
Sarah and Julian (US)
Schmusechor (AT)
Sekuoia (DK)
Siv Jakobsen (NO)
Sizarr (DE)
Sun Tailor (IL)
The Chikitas (CH)
The Hearing (FI)
The Unused Word (AT)
Todd Doridgo (UK)
Toju Kae (AT)
Torpus & the Art Directors (DE)
Trees of Maine (HR)
Uciel DJ-Set (AT)
Videos (CZ)
Warm Graves (DE)
We Walk Walls (AT)
Wooden Ambulance (RS)
Würffel (EE)
Xxanaxx (PL)
Young Rebel Set (UK)
Zentralheizung of Death des Todes (DE)
Zrnì (CZ)

Guest Countries: Germany, Israel

A Life, A Song, A Cigarette (AT)
Affe Maria (DE)
Alex The Flipper (AT)
Anne-Marie (UK)
Anthony Mills und Clefco (AT)
Autonomics (US)
Avec (AT)
B.Visible (AT)
Black Honey (UK)
Black Lotus Experiment (AT)
Blockflöte des Todes (DE)
Buenoventura (AT)
Cid Rim (AT)
DJ Invincible (CH)
DJ Moe (AT)
DJ Ruff (NL)
Eloui (CH/AT)
Elsa Tootsie and the Mini Band (AT)
Ephemerals (UK)
Finley Quaye (UK)
Flut (AT)
GelbGut (AT)
Gemma Ray (UK)
Girls Names (UK)
Giuseppe Leonardi (AT)
Glass Museum (BE)
Golf (DE)
Hannah Epperson (CA)
Hans (AT)
Haze’evot (IL)
Hella Comet (AT)
Holy Fuck (CA)
Indigorado (NO/SE)
Jardier (SI)
Jarus & Jumbie (AT)
Jay Cooper (AT/UK)
Jimi Tenor (FI)
Jonathan Bestley (UK)
Juicy Gay (DE)
Kafka Tamura (DE/UK)
Karmakoma (SI)
Kevin Etheridge (AT)
Klaus Johann Grobe (CH)
Klischée (CH)
Kriget (SE)
Langtunes (IR)
Lausch (AT)
Leitstrahl (AT)
Lola Marsh (IL)
M.P. (AT)
Matt Boroff (AT/DE/US)
Matt Gresham (AU)
Mavi Phoenix (AT)
Milk+ (AT)
Molly (Band) (AT)
Molto Loud (KZ)
Monophobe (AT)
Monsterheart (AT)
Mosch (AT)
Mule & Man (CH)
Norma Jean Martine (US)
Oligarkh (RU)
Ori (IL/DE)
Parasol Caravan (AT)
Pola Rise (PL)
Powernerd (AT)
Resisters (AT)
Ritornell und Mimu (AT)
Rival Kings (CH)
Robb (AT/US)
Sarah Ferri (BE)
Satellites (US)
Seraphim (AT)
Smerz (DK)
Soulitaire (AT)
Stabil Elite (DE)
Superpoze (FR)
Svper (ES)
The Canyon Observer (SI)
The Crispies (AT)
The Ills (SK)
The Souls (CH)
Totemo (IL)
Vimes (DE)
Warhaus (BE)
We Are Scientists (US)


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