6. July 2021

Hailling from Sens, in the countryside of Burgundy, France, Johnny Mafia have played a major part in the recent explosion of the French indie rock scene, alongside other high-energy, explosive acts such as JC Satan, Th Da Freak, The Psychotic Monks or Slift.

With two higly acclaimed albums, inspired by classics like Ramones or Pixies as well as more contemporary acts such as Wavves, and over 250 shows across Europe, includind some of France’s biggest festivals, Johnny Mafia have established themselves as a front-runner in the ever-growing current French scene.

Photo © Maxime Tanchaud


8. June 2021

”52 Hertz Whale exist at the intersection of towering post-rock, introspective shoegaze and more fiery heavier outbursts of post punk. ” (UK)

With two releases under their belt – a 2015 eponymous EP and their first studio album “Iʼve met a lot of people” released in 2017 as well as with their 2018 European tour through Germany, Belgium, Poland and Czech Republic, 52 Hertz Whale have gathered following in the underground scene not only in Slovakia, but all around Europe. This is mostly through their live performance which provides almost cathartic experience


8. June 2021

Oxford Drama is known on their homeland music scene for being consistent in creating their own musical language, and not necessarily eager to take the easiest path to success. The duo is frequently described by journalists as those who make „unpretentious” music – the kind that seems to naturally flow out of them through their love of pop melodies.

After two albums – In Awe released in 2015 and Songs in 2018 (both acclaimed by the Polish press and wider audiences) – and having played on such festivals as Open’er or Halfway, Oxford Drama is back with their third longplayer.


8. June 2021

Gran is dead! Long live Gran Bankrott! After one EP and two LPs, DIY-jack-of-all-trades Florian Tremmel says goodbye to his solo act Gran to resurrect him in the form of Gran Bankrott.

Gran’s already an outstanding act in post punk circles: A skilful mix of groovy driven post punk à la Gang of Four, big poses towards Wire, enriched with synth-laden excursions into darker new wave realms and finally rounded off with a fine touch of dub, pop and funk refinements.


8. June 2021

Cloud Cloud is a dreamy guitar pop duo from Kiel (DE) and Vienna (AT), which writes songs via E-mail and video chat. Their haunting, minimalistic melodies melt into atmospheric melancholy, capturing the familiar and the far away.

Marten Kafke (also known as a member of the Viennese band KIDS N CATS) and Katja Seifert met at a concert in Kiel in 2019 and have been writing their music separately ever since – between Kiel and Vienna – with the help of e-mail and video chat. They already proved that this works amazingly well with their debut EP ‘What Are My Options?’, which was released on their own label Cloud Cloud Records in 2020.

Their single ‘Love’, which was released back then, has over 900 Spotify playlist placements to date, including the ‘P to the Laylist’ playlist of the befriended band Leoniden or the ‘FM4 Sunny Side Up’ playlist. In June 2020, FM4 also appointed them Soundpark Act of the Month.


8. June 2021

Zinn sings in the light dialect of morbid Vienna, a longing trumpet hides in the retro sound again and again […] the lyrics are reminiscent of minimalist verses á la bands like Die Heiterkeit or International Music. – Radio FM4


8. June 2021

Switzerland-based Kety Fusco has developed a unique sound through the vision of a new harp, searching for non-traditional sounds you would never expect to hear from a harp. Kety Fusco’s harp and technology exploration started with her successful debut album DAZED (Universal distribution) described by Swiss critics as “a rare breed”. With DAZED, Kety indeed chose not to follow the tradition of harpists who discover the harp through classic reverbs and loops: she forges a new artistic identity for the harp basing her sound system, for example, with sounds of a vinyl scratched on metal strings, some objects hit on the soundboard of the pre-sampled classical harp, and analog effects manipulated live. Kety Fusco has more than 80 concerts all over Europe, and is working on the world’s first library of non-traditional harp sounds.  


8. June 2021

Krekhaus is a four-piece alternative rock band based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Founded in 2016, the band has played at some of the major festivals in Bulgaria, such as Hills of Rock 2019, BNR Park Fest 2019, Sofia Breathes 2016, GuitArt 2018 and Kapana Fest 2016. Krekhaus were handpicked by the Austrian power trio Mother’s Cake to support them at their concert in Sofia when touring around Europe in 2018.

Krekhaus’s music is a blend of alternative rock, psychedelic rock, funk and stoner rock. They like to experiment with standard rock vocabulary borrowing influences from jazz, swing and the classics.


8. June 2021

With his band Löwelöwe, singer and multi-instrumentalist Christian Hummer enters absolutely new territory in the German-language musical cosmos. The playful psychedelic arrangements and dense melodic structures form a lush, retro-futuristic soundscape – together with a vulnerable voice that tells of the heaviness of lonely nights and the lightness of new love in unagitatedly honest words.


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