24. August 2021

Dark folk songwriting: melancholic, playful, brutally honest. Songs about penguins and toast, fire salamanders and pot faces. Songs about holding hands in times of racism. Despite their musical simplicity, or perhaps because of it, the poetic songs develop a powerful pull and land razor-sharp where it hurts. The acoustic stories of Vereter, the alter ego of Vienna’s underground musician* Pete Prison IV (Bosna, Mekongg) are hard to let go of.


24. August 2021

Jungle Jade delves into the fluctuating mental states that come with trying to create roots in a new space. Crossing paths as fresh arrivals in Vienna, singer-songwriter Yelvilaa (from Ghana & Hong Kong) and guitarist Shari (from Iran) quickly became good friends and collaborators, forming the project as a way to process their experiences. The duo is staunchly vulnerable, refusing to shy away from the internal dissonance caused by migration, mental illness, ambition, heartbreak,healing – and the joys in between.

Photo © Ina Aydogan


24. August 2021

Dafina Sylejmani aka Dacid Go8lin aka Duff Daddy: Queer, Non-Binary, Rapper, Producer, Songwriter, Promoter, Model, Artists.Dacid is the founder of Femme Dmc, a purely feminine collective and event series dedicated to Hip Hop in all its elements. 

In 2017 Dacid Goßlin decided to no longer just dealing with her event series, but especially with music production.

Since then she has released three EPs, played at various renowned locations and was nominated for various prizes.

Photo © Patrick Münnich


24. August 2021

Aygyul is a Vienna-based and Russian-born DIY multi-talent and ex-opera singer straight outta Floridsdorf who is by now producing electronic music in her home studio. The result: a fusion of Pop, Electro and unconventional influences.

Photo © Alisa Glknn


24. August 2021

Nina Jukić from Zagreb and Alexander Forstner from Graz are a multi-instrumental electropop duo: she besides vocals on piano and synthesizer, he on drums and guitar. Don’t Go’s sound is pop experimental, danceable but also thoughtful. Their debut single Maybe We’re Just Getting Younger, which aims to encourage a more optimistic look at the existential uncertainties of human life, was released in November 2019. They have been working with producer Sophie Lindinger (Leyya, My Ugly Clementine) on their debut album Jasmine, out April 30, 2021 on Seayou Records.

Photo © Hanna Fasching


20. August 2021

Mom I Made It! This slogan applies to no one better than Eli Preiss. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter is the latest signing to Universal Music Austria’s sublabel of the same name. Eli Preiss released three independently and critically acclaimed EPs and earned the title as FM4 Soundpark Act of the Month.

Socialized with the R&B of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Eli has retooled her influences from back then. To a multi-layered, musical melange between hip-hop, R&B, pop and rap, Eli Preiss deals in her lyrics with the acceptance of her own self – with all its contradictions and mood swings, life, growing up and her role as a young woman in society.

Photo © Marko Mestrovic


3. August 2021

SALÒ lives in Vienna and, according to his own statement, makes music for dog petting,
people who refuse to work and everyone else who has feelings. The whole thing sounds like a wild mixture of German post-wave, pop and punk. Since his performance at this year’s c/o pop xoxo, one thing is certain: SALÒ has to be experienced live.

SALÒ’s latest single “Heißes Blei” feat. the Viennese neo-RnB singer Eli Preis, released at the beginning of June, tells the story of two lovers who are only able to live together through the inflicting pain on each other are able to feel pleasure and love.

SALÒ and Eli Preiss paint the picture of a generation that would rather suffer than feel nothing at all, and whose toxic relationships have long since become the norm and whose toxic relationships have long since become a fetish.

SALÒ and Eli Preiss were brought together by the DJ and producer APUA, who also produced “Heißes Blei”. The “Kopf bei Fuss” – label boss is not only known with his parties and releases for several years now, he is an integral part of the local and international electronic scene for several years.


Photo © Marko Mestrovic


3. August 2021

The indie underground is his base and the contemporary pop song his format. Ro Bergman’s musical path is a border crossing – subtly spun songs combine lyrical depth with musical flights of fancy. With his first radio hit ‘Best Time’, Ro Bergman got off to a rocket start. 65,000 downloads, concerts in front of thousands of people, massive airplay nationwide – and all that in the first year.

Ro Bergman was not impressed by all this and continued on his path undeterred. Now Bergman mixes alternative pop with blunt poetry, shoots music videos with ballet dancers from the Vienna State Opera at 2400m above sea level and surprises with a varied EP ‘Hi Lo’ full of ups and downs with the message that is as simple as it is profound: It’s okay that you are different, it’s even wonderful that you are the way you are.

Photo © Peter Rigaud


3. August 2021

Based in her native Vienna, so far Pippa has released two critically acclaimed albums: 2019’s “Superland” that she followed up with “Idiotenparadies” in the summer of 2020. The latter features “Egal” which went on to become both a hit on highly influential nationwide radio-station FM4 and a number 1 song on Radio Soundportal.

Her music is best described as a mixture of various genres: While the writing on her debut can be described as classic songwriting on “Idotenparadies” she ventures into more experimental territory mixing Pop, Hip-Hop and electronic sounds. The result is an exciting and unique musical amalgam. Lyrically, Pippa sticks to telling stories of Vienna and her life in an incredibly open, frank and – partly – brutally honest way. “Meine Traurigkeit” (“My Sadness”) or “Dystopia”, respectively, are cases in point.

During lockdown Pippa has kept working on new songs which she plans to release on a new album sometime in 2022 preceded by an EP of all new material in 2021.

Photo © Christoph Liebentritt


3. August 2021

Growing up in a small village in Lower Austria, OSKA moved to Vienna at 18 to study her first love; music. Born into a family of singers and musicians, she discovered her voice at a young age. In Vienna, she started busking in streets and squares of the capital while also studying pop and jazz singing. She has worked tirelessly drafting and crafting her imminent debut, honing her voice to say exactly what she wants it to. After years in the background supporting and featuring for different artists, OSKA released “Distant Universe” earlier this year, and soon after, signed to Nettwerk and released her debut EP Honeymoon Phase. The five songs on the album have amassed more that 4 million Spotify streams and won her the XA Music Export Aware at Waves Festival 2020.

Photo © Hanna Fasching


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