8. June 2021

This year’s conference programme takes up the festival’s focus on the Danube region and understands it not as a pandemic-related restriction, but as an overdue in-depth examination of the macro-region of the countries along the Danube.

Experts from the Danube countries Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine will present their music markets and discuss cross-border issues.

The commitment to this region serves economic and cultural interests. On the one hand, regional cooperation aims to overcome the prevailing differences in economic performance and thus play an important role as a strong region within a Europe-wide music export strategy that also addresses non-European music markets. Furthermore, there are long historical cultural relations in the Danube region that still lead to exciting music projects today.

International festivals and conferences usually focus on the big players, the most successful festivals, labels and agencies of the world’s biggest music markets. The thematic concentration on one region allows a closer look at the different scenes and the contributors on several levels.

For the conference delegates and for the acts that can be seen live at the festival, this should lead to realistic and promising opportunities to find future contact and cooperation partners in the various networking formats within the framework of the conference.

For example, the Slovakian club scene outside Bratislava will be examined in separate panels, as will German festivals away from the mega-events. The electronic music scene of Kiev and its significance in urban development and a different international perception of a conflict-ridden country promise to be just as exciting a topic for discussion as the current developments in the Hungarian media landscape and the accompanying situation of the Hungarian music scenes or the state of the Croatian independent festivals, venues and promoters and their assessment of the effects of the long-standing presence of many large international festivals.

The music scenes and music markets of the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Serbia, which are still rather unknown in this country, will be presented in presentation panels with representatives from the live, recorded music, publishing & sync and media sectors.

This year there will also be numerous cooperation partners hosting specific panels, presentations and workshops, such as the Austrian Independent Label Association VTMÖ and Yamaha on the topic of (live) streaming, the Vienna Club Commission on the situation of club organisers and the women’s mentoring project MEWEM Europe.


4. May 2021

There is still the question of how Waves Festival 2021 will be able to look like in early September, what is the plan, what do we have in mind. In fact, at the beginning of May we can’t even guess now what the situation will be at the beginning of September 2021 in relation to Covid-19. At least financially, we can consider ourselves under the protection of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism, which has confirmed the “Protective Shield for Events I” for the Waves Festival 2021.
In view of this, we are currently planning a full edition of the Waves Festival for 9 to 11 September 2021. Of course, we are not reassured, but have thought of various safety precautions and also have several alternatives in the planning quiver to be able to react to any developments, including restrictions and requirements, during the summer.

One of them includes a conversion to a hybrid or purely online version of the festival, which we unfortunately already experienced last year. In the course of this, there would also be an offer to ticket buyers to exchange purchased tickets for next year if the alternative variant of the festival does not appeal to them.

So much for the current state of planning. We will of course keep you informed about further developments on the website, via newsletter and on social media.


30. November 2020

It was a very special edition of the Waves Festival this year due to the pandemic. But we made the best out of it and of course we recorded the whole thing again in a wonderful after movie. Better said, the buero butter did it for us, we were busy with completely different things 😉
In any case, despite all the adversities, it turned out very nice again.

Have fun watching it!

Waves Festival After Movie 2020


21. September 2020

The streams of Waves Conference 2020 are now available to rewatch on our YouTube Channel.


New ways of audience participating in music

Techniques for streaming Live Music from home presented by Yamaha

The Future of the European Music Eco System hosted by EMEE


Fair Streaming? hosted by VTMÖ

Focus Country Ukraine 

Focus Country UK

Bandcamp Webinar

Brexit Workshop

MUSEXPO Presentation

Earning Money in Times of Crisis

The Future of Booking: Sold out Shows using Data


Extended Realities



15. September 2020

Here you can find the numbers of the average viewers for each channel of Waves Festival 2020 online streaming. As we didn’t have single events for the streaming of the shows in the evening we only can publish numbers per night.

Waves Festival 2020

Viewer retention
THU 10.SEP.2020Thurygrund29718:01
THU 10.SEP.2020Lichtenthal38511:01
THU 10.SEP.2020Wanderlust4339:35
FRI 11.SEP.2020Thurygrund1.97810:41
FRI 11.SEP.2020Lichtenthal2.15718:47
FRI 11.SEP.2020Wanderlust3.87911:31
SAT 12.SEP.2020Thurygrund1.48012:55
SAT 12.SEP.2020Lichtenthal2.05715:48
SAT 12.SEP.2020Wanderlust1.8319:33

Waves Festival Conference 2020

Viewer retention
THU 10.SEP.2020The Future of the European Music Eco System hosted by EMEE1.27811:21
THU 10.SEP.2020Feedback Listening Session 11.1089:14
THU 10.SEP.2020Feedback Listening Session 29846:12
FRI 11.SEP.2020The Future of Booking: Sold out Shows using Data1.3348:52
FRI 11.SEP.2020Focus Country Ukraine76514:26
FRI 11.SEP.2020Focus Country UK1.21812:05
FRI 11.SEP.2020Fair Streaming? hosted by VTMÖ1.0819:55
FRI 11.SEP.2020Bandcamp Webinar1.1667:32
FRI 11.SEP.2020Brexit Workshop1.95211:46
FRI 11.SEP.2020Earning Money in Times of Crisis86810:12
FRI 11.SEP.2020MUSEXPO Presentation7748:06

Unfortunately we had serious audio problems with the streaming of these events of Waves Festival Conference so we uploaded the backup recording.

THU 10.SEP.2020Techniques for streaming Live Music from home presented by Yamaha
THU 10.SEP.2020New ways of audience participation in music


2. September 2020

From now on with a Waves Festival Conference Registration you are able to apply for the Speed Meetings on Thursday and Friday:

  • Meet the Festivals
  • Meet the Germans
  • Meet the Ukrainians
  • Meet the Czech

Please note that you have to have a registration for the Conference to get a login to the Delegates Database where you can apply for the Speed Meetings. You can get a free registration here.

All Speed Meetings will happen online via Zoom. Be sure to have a proper Setup (Camera and Sound) on your computer.

Apply here for the Speed Meetings.


25. August 2020

Waves Music Hackday – 5th Anniversary Edition

Whether you are a creative person, musician, artist, technologically interested person, hacker, developer, thinker or hobbyist – join this hackday and meet other creative people to spin your ideas around the future of music & technology!

Friday, 11. September 2020 from 18:00 to 20:00 (Kick-off) & Saturday, 12. September 2020 from 09:30 to 17:30 (Hacking) University of Vienna, Faculty of Computer Science

Live concert

Be part of the only live concert of the Waves Vienna Music Festival 2020! All participants of the Music Hackday (online and offline) will perform together a unique and the only live show of this year’s festival.

Saturday, 12. September 2020 from 18:30 to 19:00 University of Vienna, Faculty of Computer Science

Panel discussion

Discuss together with four domain experts “New Ways of Audience Participation in Music”. Confirmed panellists are Prof. Dr. Peter Reichl, professor for computer science and musician, the artist and music producer Susanne Kirchmayr a.k.a. Electric Indigo and Christopher Widauer, Head of Digital Development at the Vienna State Opera and Susanna Niedermayr from Ö1.

Thursday, 10. September 2020 from 15:30 to 16:15 Waves Festival Conference, SAE Institute Wien

In order to participate at Waves Festival Conference, please register here as a delegate for free: https://www.universe.com/events/waves-festival-2020-conference-tickets-wien-KVZSFH 

© Oliver Hödl

For more information please visit:




25. August 2020

We’re super happy to announce our new hotel partnership with Wombat’s! With its unique atmosphere and approach it’s a perfect fit for Waves Festival. We’re looking forward to a long lasting partner and friendship!

Wombat’s, with its City Hostels, is always part of a local community. We see it as part of Wombat’s DNA to measure our success in the cultural, social and economic spheres.
We are happy to be part of the Waves Festival and to be able to connect this music event with our guests and our community.

That’s what the guys at Wombat’s say


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