9. December 2021

These days Waves Central Europe (short WCE) was launched as a complement to the Waves Festival.

Within the framework of the WCE project music professionals of the Central European region (Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia) will have the opportunity to get to know the focus markets of the international non-EU partner countries better and to jointly work out opportunities and ways to become active there. For the first edition of the new project the focus will be on Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.

The participating delegates from the international partner countries will be given a detailed insight into the music scenes of the WCE countries and introduced to potential local cooperation partners.

Together with the delegates from the WCE countries, strategies for export to the partner countries will be researched and worked out, in each case with regard to the local conditions and existing structures.
The focus is on the exchange and growth of knowledge as well as the networking of and for people from these countries who are active in the music industry.

The WCE project is thus intended to lay a foundation for long-term and sustainable cooperation between the participants of the WCE countries and the international partner countries.

Partners in the project are HOTS from Hungary, SIGIC from Slovenia, BACH from Czech Republic and Waves Festival from Austria. Waves Central Europe is realised in partnership with the EMX.

Please go to the Website of Waves Central Europe for more information about the project, the programme and the application form to take part in the programme.


17. September 2021

This were the numbers of the people watching our Waves Festival Conference 2021 on Youtube. Click on the name of the panel/workshop to re-watch it on Youtube.

Bulgaria: Introducing194
Croatia: Global Festival Promoters vs. Local Music Scene399
Fair Streaming298
Feedback Listening Session 1300
Feedback Listening Session 2238
Gen Y of the Ukrainian Music Industry275
Gender Equality within the Music Scenes in Comparision: East vs. West266
Hungary: Gender Equality in the Hungarian Music Industry249
Intro Brno299
Moldova: Introducing300
Romania: Introducing314
Serbia: Introducing237
Slovakia: The Music Screne outside of Bratislava462
Tools for Streaming262
What’s up Germany?389
Yamaha Masterclass: Get your Venue ready for Livestreaming239
Total viewers4721

This were the average numbers of the people watching our Waves Festival 2021 Shows at WUK Halle on Youtube.

DayAverage watch timeAverage number of views
WUK Halle THURSDAY12:02430
WUK Halle FRIDAY14:59385
WUK Halle SATURDAY22:08399


7. September 2021

Fanklub is a new digital platform where bands, DJs and musicians* can communicate with their fans in the best possible way and also generate a stable income. The launch will take place in mid-September. The founders of Fanklub FKM Music GmbH, Andreas Jantsch (Las Vegas Records, Vienna), Arne Thamer and Sebastian Król (Backseat, Hamburg), about their new project: “The three of us are united by our closeness to musicians and bands and the urgent desire to support them in their passion for music and professional marketing. We hope to be able to contribute a part to this with the fan club!”

Transparent, fair, at eye level

After opening their own club for free, fans sign up for a membership for which they pay €1.99 per month – or voluntarily more. 90% of the proceeds go to the bands. Every month. Regardless of whether or not a pandemic is currently ruining the tour.
With their fan club membership, fans get exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at their favorite bands, experience livestreams, and participate in raffles and surveys. Anyone interested in last night’s handwritten setlist?
last night? And which venue should we actually play next time? In addition, you can communicate directly with the band via “Fanpost” – it doesn’t get any closer than that.

More than just a like

The fan club is necessary because the bands get more than just a like back here: Social networks demand a lot from bands, including financial investment. But the fans want to know what’s happening! So let’s turn the tables: In the fan club, every contribution reaches every fan. In the fan club, the bands receive the well-deserved appreciation, also for the work they already do besides the music. And through Fanklub, the bands earn money. Unfortunately, this has not been as easy as it sounds so far. But during the pandemic, a sensitivity has also developed among fans that air and love are not enough to pay for a studio every two years. Basic musical income with fair rules of the game, so to speak!

My club, your club, fan clubThe fan club editorial team will accompany the individual fan clubs with interviews, band presentations, news from the music industry, tutorials, workshops and much more. Always with the aim of providing bands and their fans with the best possible backstage experience. In addition, Fanklub cooperates with various music festivals and also plans its own events.

“We are already excited to see what Fanklub will look like. Because: The idea is super and a platform around music in the best case the desired alternative to Patreon. We can currently imagine very well to be part of the fan club!” – Folkshilfe (Band)

Fanklub is taking part at the panel “Tools for Streaming” on Thursday Sept. 9th together with Yamaha and entrio.hr.


7. September 2021

Mixing Tips For Streaming With High Quality Sound

As long as (bigger) audiences are not allowed inside clubs, streaming is the most attractive option – if it is done well. Even after the pandemic, technology will continue to evolve and enhance the live experience. Already, streaming concerts from clubs is proving an attractive way for artists to perform and reach even larger audiences. Venues are also benefiting from the increasingly easy-to-use technology and the tendency goes towards always being ready to hold hybrid events. This workshop provides some useful tips on how to mix audio for a livestream and gives some suggestion on the kit needed for a successful streaming club event.

The Yamaha Masterclass will take place on Thursday, 9 September from 15:00 to 16:00 as part of the conference at WUK. Find more conference events in our schedule.


8. June 2021

This year’s conference programme takes up the festival’s focus on the Danube region and understands it not as a pandemic-related restriction, but as an overdue in-depth examination of the macro-region of the countries along the Danube.

Experts from the Danube countries Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine will present their music markets and discuss cross-border issues.

The commitment to this region serves economic and cultural interests. On the one hand, regional cooperation aims to overcome the prevailing differences in economic performance and thus play an important role as a strong region within a Europe-wide music export strategy that also addresses non-European music markets. Furthermore, there are long historical cultural relations in the Danube region that still lead to exciting music projects today.

International festivals and conferences usually focus on the big players, the most successful festivals, labels and agencies of the world’s biggest music markets. The thematic concentration on one region allows a closer look at the different scenes and the contributors on several levels.

For the conference delegates and for the acts that can be seen live at the festival, this should lead to realistic and promising opportunities to find future contact and cooperation partners in the various networking formats within the framework of the conference.

For example, the Slovakian club scene outside Bratislava will be examined in separate panels, as will German festivals away from the mega-events. The electronic music scene of Kiev and its significance in urban development and a different international perception of a conflict-ridden country promise to be just as exciting a topic for discussion as the current developments in the Hungarian media landscape and the accompanying situation of the Hungarian music scenes or the state of the Croatian independent festivals, venues and promoters and their assessment of the effects of the long-standing presence of many large international festivals.

The music scenes and music markets of the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Serbia, which are still rather unknown in this country, will be presented in presentation panels with representatives from the live, recorded music, publishing & sync and media sectors.

This year there will also be numerous cooperation partners hosting specific panels, presentations and workshops, such as the Austrian Independent Label Association VTMÖ and Yamaha on the topic of (live) streaming, the Vienna Club Commission on the situation of club organisers and the women’s mentoring project MEWEM Europe.

Waves Festival Conference presented by


4. May 2021

There is still the question of how Waves Festival 2021 will be able to look like in early September, what is the plan, what do we have in mind. In fact, at the beginning of May we can’t even guess now what the situation will be at the beginning of September 2021 in relation to Covid-19. At least financially, we can consider ourselves under the protection of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism, which has confirmed the “Protective Shield for Events I” for the Waves Festival 2021.
In view of this, we are currently planning a full edition of the Waves Festival for 9 to 11 September 2021. Of course, we are not reassured, but have thought of various safety precautions and also have several alternatives in the planning quiver to be able to react to any developments, including restrictions and requirements, during the summer.

One of them includes a conversion to a hybrid or purely online version of the festival, which we unfortunately already experienced last year. In the course of this, there would also be an offer to ticket buyers to exchange purchased tickets for next year if the alternative variant of the festival does not appeal to them.

So much for the current state of planning. We will of course keep you informed about further developments on the website, via newsletter and on social media.

1. January 2021

Following the current regulations of the official bodies, the following points must be observed at Waves Festival 2021:

Admission is only possible if you have been vaccinated or tested (2G rule).

Masks are compulsory in all indoor areas of the festival and the conference.

When exchanging tickets at the box office in the WUK or when exchanging wristbands in front of the Canisius Church, either an officially confirmed Covid 19 test with QR code or a vaccination certificate with QR code in connection with a photo ID must be presented.

Festival pass holders for all festival days who have not been vaccinated and can only show a Covid 19 test will receive a wristband for the first day and exchange tickets for the other festival days, which they can exchange for wristbands each day after showing a new valid test.

If possible, please buy tickets in advance (possible until 8 September) via our ticketing system, as the name and e-mail address of the guest must also be entered here. If you buy tickets at the box office, we have to enter this data into our system first, which may lead to longer waiting times at the ticketing desk.

Tickets are marked by name and can ONLY be transferred via the ticketing system. In such a case, log in to Universe using the link in the ticket purchase confirmation and process the guest info, which we will refer to if necessary.


30. November 2020

It was a very special edition of the Waves Festival this year due to the pandemic. But we made the best out of it and of course we recorded the whole thing again in a wonderful after movie. Better said, the buero butter did it for us, we were busy with completely different things 😉
In any case, despite all the adversities, it turned out very nice again.

Have fun watching it!

Waves Festival After Movie 2020


21. September 2020

The streams of Waves Conference 2020 are now available to rewatch on our YouTube Channel.


New ways of audience participating in music

Techniques for streaming Live Music from home presented by Yamaha

The Future of the European Music Eco System hosted by EMEE


Fair Streaming? hosted by VTMÖ

Focus Country Ukraine 

Focus Country UK

Bandcamp Webinar

Brexit Workshop

MUSEXPO Presentation

Earning Money in Times of Crisis

The Future of Booking: Sold out Shows using Data


Extended Realities



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