23. June 2021

Five international delegates from the music industry provide professional and constructive feedback to your music.

Please fill out this form to apply for one of your tracks to be discussed at the Feedback Listening Session which takes place at the Waves Festival Conference on Thursday or Friday 9th or 10th September 2021 (tbc) at WUK.

Application deadline is 20.AUG.2021. All selected artists will be notified by 25.AUG.2021; each band member will receive a Conference Pass for the Waves Festival Conference to be able to attend the listening session.


4. May 2021

There is still the question of how Waves Festival 2021 will be able to look like in early September, what is the plan, what do we have in mind. In fact, at the beginning of May we can’t even guess now what the situation will be at the beginning of September 2021 in relation to Covid-19. At least financially, we can consider ourselves under the protection of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism, which has confirmed the “Protective Shield for Events I” for the Waves Festival 2021.
In view of this, we are currently planning a full edition of the Waves Festival for 9 to 11 September 2021. Of course, we are not reassured, but have thought of various safety precautions and also have several alternatives in the planning quiver to be able to react to any developments, including restrictions and requirements, during the summer.

One of them includes a conversion to a hybrid or purely online version of the festival, which we unfortunately already experienced last year. In the course of this, there would also be an offer to ticket buyers to exchange purchased tickets for next year if the alternative variant of the festival does not appeal to them.

So much for the current state of planning. We will of course keep you informed about further developments on the website, via newsletter and on social media.


30. November 2020

Our Early Bird Ticketing phase for the Waves Festival 2021, which will take place from 9 to 11 September 2021, starts on 1 December 2020 at 1 pm.

Many of you will surely immediately ask the question “What if the festival can’t take place because of Corona? Of course, we hope that a certain normality for the concert business will return by September 2021 and that the festival can take place in the usual manner, which is why we currently assume a normal edition of Waves, as it was before 2020. But of course we have alternatives and evasion possibilities, of which we have already developed a lot for 2020, as plan B, C and also D.

In any case, should the festival have to take place in a slimmed-down version, all ticket buyers will have the possibility to exchange their tickets.

But now to the Early Birds … there are 111 pieces of the much sought-after Super Early Birds at the unbeatable top price of EUR 15 and another 444 pieces of the Early Birds at EUR 25. If these are also sold out, the price for the Festival Pass rises to EUR 37.

And here is our ticketing at Universe.


30. November 2020

It was a very special edition of the Waves Festival this year due to the pandemic. But we made the best out of it and of course we recorded the whole thing again in a wonderful after movie. Better said, the buero butter did it for us, we were busy with completely different things 😉
In any case, despite all the adversities, it turned out very nice again.

Have fun watching it!

Waves Festival After Movie 2020


29. November 2020

Is there at least one Waves Festival 2020 performance that still lives rent-free in your head? Because same! Here’s the ultimate collection of artists that played at this year’s hybrid festival edition – together in one playlist.


15. September 2020

Here you can find the numbers of the average viewers for each channel of Waves Festival 2020 online streaming. As we didn’t have single events for the streaming of the shows in the evening we only can publish numbers per night.

Waves Festival 2020

Viewer retention
THU 10.SEP.2020Thurygrund29718:01
THU 10.SEP.2020Lichtenthal38511:01
THU 10.SEP.2020Wanderlust4339:35
FRI 11.SEP.2020Thurygrund1.97810:41
FRI 11.SEP.2020Lichtenthal2.15718:47
FRI 11.SEP.2020Wanderlust3.87911:31
SAT 12.SEP.2020Thurygrund1.48012:55
SAT 12.SEP.2020Lichtenthal2.05715:48
SAT 12.SEP.2020Wanderlust1.8319:33

Waves Festival Conference 2020

Viewer retention
THU 10.SEP.2020The Future of the European Music Eco System hosted by EMEE1.27811:21
THU 10.SEP.2020Feedback Listening Session 11.1089:14
THU 10.SEP.2020Feedback Listening Session 29846:12
FRI 11.SEP.2020The Future of Booking: Sold out Shows using Data1.3348:52
FRI 11.SEP.2020Focus Country Ukraine76514:26
FRI 11.SEP.2020Focus Country UK1.21812:05
FRI 11.SEP.2020Fair Streaming? hosted by VTMÖ1.0819:55
FRI 11.SEP.2020Bandcamp Webinar1.1667:32
FRI 11.SEP.2020Brexit Workshop1.95211:46
FRI 11.SEP.2020Earning Money in Times of Crisis86810:12
FRI 11.SEP.2020MUSEXPO Presentation7748:06

Unfortunately we had serious audio problems with the streaming of these events of Waves Festival Conference so we uploaded the backup recording.

THU 10.SEP.2020Techniques for streaming Live Music from home presented by Yamaha
THU 10.SEP.2020New ways of audience participation in music


14. September 2020

With the presentation of the XA – Music Export Award to the Viennese musician OSKA on Saturday evening, the tenth edition of the Waves Festival at the Vienna WUK came to an end. More than 18,000 people took part in the hybrid version of the festival, which was specially conceived for the Corona year 2020.

The path to the final set-up of this year’s Waves Festival was a long one: a multitude of possibilities and variations were worked out and played through – even including a local installation. In the end it was clear that the Festival 2020 Corona would have to do without live concerts on location.

Streaming and public viewing

As an alternative, pre-recorded live sets were shown on three online channels and at the public viewing at WUK Hof during the three days of the festival from 10 to 12 September, which had been recorded by more than 70 national and international acts especially for Waves. The live sets were recorded by more than 70 national and international acts especially for Waves and featured highly acclaimed artists such as Porridge Radio, S1MBA, Fo Sho and TseSho from this year’s two focus countries UK and Ukraine.

The audience accepted the adapted festival concept very well: a total of 261,383 minutes were streamed online by 17,456 different viewers. At the same time, a total of 533 visitors were present on site at WUK Hof during the three days of the festival.

Participation in the Waves Conference, which took place for the first time at the SAE this year, was also possible online and offline. The programme included feedback listening sessions, panels and workshops on topics such as music cities, the effects of brexit, the European INES network co-founded by Waves Festival and fair payment on streaming portals. 97 conference participants were present on site during the two days of the conference. The conference was broadcast live on the internet and the individual events are still available for download.

XA Award for OSKA

The highlight of the Waves final evening was the presentation of the XA – Music Export Award. The expert jury, consisting of seven international industry representatives, chose the singer-songwriter Maria Burger alias OSKA. The musician, who comes from the Waldviertel and lives in Vienna, was thus able to prevail over the seven other nominated Austrian newcomer acts.

The XA – Music Export Award is a joint initiative of mica – music austria, Austrian Music Export, Austro Mechana/SKE Fonds, Radio FM4 and Waves Vienna. The aim is to support Austrian artists at an early stage of their career and, after building a national base, to help them make the step out of Austria onto the international stage.

As the winner of the XA, OSKA will receive 3,500 Euros and the promise of support from Austrian Music Export, FM4 and the Waves Festival for the following year, including integration at partner festivals and showcases.

Pictures of the Festivals can be found on Facebook:

Waves Festival Day 1

Waves Festival Day 2

Waves Festival Day 3

Waves Festival Conference

Recordings of the Waves Festival Conference are online on Youtube:

Waves Festival Conference Day 1

Waves Festival Conference Day 2


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