5. September 2022

New clothes from recycled fabrics
Refurbed has been a special supporter of our crowdfunding campaign and has taken on the presenting of the Ukraine focus.
»We are deeply shaken by the ongoing war against Ukraine. Also because colleagues and friends at refurbed are directly affected. With our commitment we want to set a sign of solidarity and support artists from Ukraine.«

Socially and ecologically sustainable consumption is a priority for the online platform refurbed. In addition to electronics, there is now a new product category: Fashion. At refurbed, they have understood that the climate crisis requires a rethinking of consumer behavior. The Austrian company has made a name for itself with sustainable, fully renewed electronics and has been on a remarkable growth trajectory since its founding in 2017. More than 18,000 products are already offered on the platform, including smartphones, laptops, wearables, household appliances, e-scooters and much more.

Alternative to fast fashion
Since May, refurbed has now launched a new product category, namely fashion. With the new offering, the company wants to make a lasting change to another “environmental offender industry” and offers an alternative to resource-wasting fast fashion.
Peter Windischhofer, co-founder of the online marketplace, who is now active in 13 countries, says: »The conventional textile industry creates gigantic environmental problems. That’s why we want to offer slow fashion producers a central platform through which the sustainable sale of new garments and accessories is possible.«
The benefits familiar from the electronics sector are retained for customers: more sustainable production, 30-day free return policy, free delivery and a tree planted for every product sold. In the case of refurbed fashion, the selected retailers also have to meet special quality criteria in order to offer their products on the platform – for example, proof of transparency throughout the entire supply chain and a minimum share of 50 percent recycled materials.


31. August 2022

Basics, Creative Tools and Tips 

You have a lot of creative ideas, but don’t know how to turn your songs into good sounding demo productions? 

This masterclass will cover the basics of a good home studio and how to record yourself in a professional way. Then we will look at different ways to turn your recordings and ideas into an actual arrangement. You’ll be shown how to create good sounding beats, how to work with virtual instruments, and how to create an exciting vocal arrangement. Along the way, you’ll learn a lot of basic mixing tricks and tips. (e.g. equalizing, compression and other editing tools).

You don’t need any knowledge of music theory or more than basic DAW skills! There will be room for questions at any time! Looking forward to meeting you!

The Yamaha Masterclass will take place on Friday, 9 September from 12:45 to 13:45 as part of the conference at WUK Conference Room 2. Find more conference events in our schedule.


31. August 2022

The Waves Festival and the entire team stand for appreciation, diversity and respect. We would like to put diversity in the spotlight during the festival. For us, diversity is the conscious handling of diversity in society. We understand it as an organizational as well as socio-political concept that propagates an appreciative, conscious and respectful approach to diversity and individuality and equality. 

The reduction of discrimination and the promotion of equal opportunities are the central goals. The core dimensions of diversity, which represent the variety of people, are usually considered to be: Age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background, sexual orientation and physical and mental condition. 

We assume that you as a visitor, artist, partner, sponsor, subcontractor or supplier of the Waves Festival, like ourselves, are committed to this:

  • Respect and value diversity and individuality. 
  • Promote inclusion, both in terms of personal qualities and professional skills.
  • Treat others with sensitivity, courtesy, respect and team spirit.
  • Actively oppose discrimination of any kind.
  • Avoid crossing boundaries by practicing restraint and being aware that statements or actions may be perceived as offensive or hurtful even if they are not intended to be.
  • Refrain from condescending and disrespectful statements or actions, especially those related to gender, age, religion, creed, nationality, culture, ethnicity or ancestry, sexual orientation, social origin, disability or family situation.

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding discrimination and assault! If you feel uncomfortable, experience or observe discrimination during the festival, please contact our awareness team or the nearest Waves team member! 

Our awareness team will be out and about at the festival on all three days and will be clearly visible and recognizable.


25. August 2022

The festival is approaching in big steps and the nervousness is rising and rising. For perfect preparation, the complete timetables are now available online and as a PDF download.

To see the programme in chronological order, click here on Timetables. But there is also a list of the performing acts in alphabetical order here. An mobile app for iOS and Android will follow next week.

And of course we have also put the timetables online as a PDF for download here:


17. August 2022
Superorganism (UK) Francis on my Mind (RO) Karolina Beranova (CZ) Dylan Cartlidge (UK)

We are happy to present the latest additions to the line-up. New to the line-up are Superorganism (UK), Dylan Cartlidge (UK), Francis on my Mind (RO) presented by Universal Music and Karolina Beranova (CZ). With this we are complete for 2022.


16. August 2022

We are very proud to present this year’s nominees for the XA – Export Award 2022. The six domestic artists are: Berglind, Bibiza, Farce, Lisa Pac, Oskar Haag and W1ZE.

Each act will play a 45 minute set at the Waves Festival and international jurors from a pool of booking agents, festival promoters, journalists and label operators will choose the best performance.

The winner of the XA will receive 3,500 euros and the promise of support from Austrian Music Export, FM4 and Waves Festival for the following year and to perform at partner festivals and showcases and will also be nominated as a Focus Act within the framework of Austrian Music Export by the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport and receive travel support in the amount of 5,000 euros for international performances.


16. August 2022

In April 2022 a call for proposals was issued for the implementation of upstream events for the Viennese event scene. Viennese club operators or organizers could submit concepts for one-day events of any genre with free admission, which take up the general theme of the festival „Diversity“. 

We are really happy to announce two of the three events, selected by an independent jury:  

FLINTA* VOICES ON! hosted by Beatzarilla and Waves Festival
18.8. @Fluc Wanne, 20h FREE ENTRY

This year’s Waves Festival will take place under the theme “Diversity”.As a warm-up for it, the FLINTA* label and collective is organizing an evening of evening full of FLINTA* power.

Beatzarilla is a label by and for FLINTA* musicians and producers (female, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans, agender, *) in Austria. The focus is on electronically produced music, i.e. genres like Hip Hop/Rap, Electro Pop, Tech House etc.

Jana Gatt
Schwesta Ebra
Enesi M.
DJ Set by Miss Bunpun

15.9. @WERK, 21h FREE ENTRY

Classical music meets club culture. Since spring 2022, the new event series sch:cht[ʃɪçt] has created a space for transformative encounters between classical music andclub culture.

VIVID Consort
Bara & Isa

© Kulturverein kunstl:cht / sch:icht [ʃɪçt]


3. August 2022

Almost done! Here are 25 more acts for Waves Festival 2022:

Another Vision (AT) Böbe (HU) Celia May (DE) @ Fanklub Stage Disappeared Completely (UA) Donkey Kid (DE) Elena Steri (DE) Kahlenberg X Anna Mabo (AT) @ Goodlive Artists X Ticketmaster New Music Karin Ann (SK) @ Goodlive Artists X Ticketmaster New Music Kurs Valüt (UA) Laundromat Chicks (AT) Lil Julez (AT) Lisa Pac (AT) @ Warner Music Night Michael Moravek (DE) @ Fanklub Stage Mike Edel (CA) Moncrieff (IE) @ Goodlive Artists X Ticketmaster New Music Musspell (HU) Olgas Boris (AT) @ Fanklub Stage Paula Carolina (DE) @ Wombeats Philine Sonny (DE) @ Goodlive Artists X Ticketmaster New Music Priya Ragu (CH) @ Warner Music Night Ragapop (UA)Toyota Vangelis (CZ) UTO (FR) Wilhelmine (DE) @ Warner Music Night YATWA (AT) @ Fanklub Stage


3. August 2022

THURSDAY 8. Sep. 2022

Alice Low (UK) Another Vision (AT) Berglind (AT) Bipolar Feminin (AT) Boy With Apple (SE) Christl (AT) Doppelfinger (AT) Farce (AT) Kahlenberg x Anna Mabo (AT) @ Goodlive Artists X Ticketmaster New Music Karin Ann (SK) @ Goodlive Artists X Ticketmaster New Music Kids Return (FR) Lil Julez (AT) Lisa Pac (AT) @ Warner Music Night Liz Metta (AT) Low Island (UK) Mike Edel (CA) Minimal Schlager (DE) Monako (DE) Moncrieff (IE) @ Goodlive Artists X Ticketmaster New Music Motherhood (CA) Musspell (HU) Philine Sonny (DE) @ Goodlive Artists X Ticketmaster New Music Priya Ragu (CH) @ Warner Music Night Sassy 009 (NO) The Haunted Youth (BE) Umme Block (DE) Wallners (AT) presented by Universal Music Wilhelmine (DE) @ Warner Music Night Yves Jarvis (CA)

FRIDAY 9. Sep. 2022

3:rma (SI) Aili (BE) Amelie Tobien (AT) @ Assim Live Acoustic Night Arai (AT) @ Mom I Made It Night Batbait (CH) Benjamin Amaru (CH) Böbe (HU) Bryan‘s Magic Tears (FR) Disappeared Completely (UA) Donkey Kid (DE) Edward Hunt (DE) Elena Steri (DE) Elsa (AT) @ Assim Live Acoustic Night Ennio (DE) Florence Besch (DE) Francis on my Mind (RO) Karolina Beranova (CZ) Kitana (AT) @ Mom I Made It Night Kurs Valüt (UA) Naima Bock (UK) Nalan (DE) Nosi (AT) nothhingspecial (DE) Nuha Ruby Ra (UK) Oskar Haag (AT) Paula Carolina (DE) Ragapop (UA) Romc (AT) @ Assim Live Acoustic Night Salò (AT) @ Mom I Made It Night Spiral Mind (SI) The Psychotic Monks (FR) UTO (FR) Vanille (CA) Zack Zack Zack (AT)

SATURDAY 10. Sep. 2022

a/lpaca (IT) AEIOU (LI) Alexandra Alden (MT) Anna Erhard (CH) BEACHPEOPLE (DE) Bibiza (AT) Celia May (DE) @ Fanklub Stage Christin Nichols (DE) Dylan Cartlidge (UK) Finley Quaye (UK) Fran Vasilić (HR) Girli (UK) Joko (FR) Laundromat Chicks (AT) Lawn Chair (DE) Levin Goes Lightly (DE) Love A.M. (AT) Michael Moravek (DE) @ Fanklub Stage Nelavie (AT) Old Mrs. Bates (AT) Olgas Boris (AT) @ Fanklub Stage Palffi (AT) Plattenbau (DE) Pyra (TH) Sahareya (SI) Shitney Beers (DE) Skaar (NO) Superorganism (UK) The Hanged Man (SE) Toyota Vangelis (CZ) Ultraflex (IS) W1ZE (AT) YATWA (AT) @ Fanklub Stage


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