3. August 2021

The Rodeo is the anagram of Dorothee, a sassy Parisian musician and singer. She discovered music at the age of 15, when she found an acoustic guitar in her uncle’s attic. This magical key opened the door to the most beautiful journeys, both real and imaginary. After making a name for herself with her first two albums (Music Maelström and La Musica Del Diavolo), recorded all over the world, she returned with a third album, Thérianthropie Paradis, a radical metamorphosis, entirely sung in French and influenced by the highly orchestrated European pop of the 60s and 70s, a sort of mix between France Gall & Blonde Redhead. Dorothée Hannequin’s sensual and evocative mother tongue guides her songwriting and voice onto new paths, full of hidden trails and nuances.

Photo © Giamarchi Daguin


3. August 2021

SUN is a Franco-German singer, songwriter, guitarist and actress. Her first EP Brutal Pop stunned the press and the public with the new kind of sound she created: Pop songwriting with elements of Rock and Metal aka “Brutal Pop.”

SUN started out screaming and shredding in Death Metal bands on one side, belting and dancing in musicals on the other: she played Edith Piaf in France, South Korea, Japan and got recognized on The Voice France. Her unique vocal and acting skills recently led her to the big screen. Her first part is a leading role in a feature film in competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2021, made by internationally awarded director Tony Gatlif. Her character is inspired by herself: she acts, sings her own songs and plays her sparkly Telecaster.

Photo © SUN


3. August 2021

Barton Hartshorn is a singer-songwriter currently living in Paris. He, first and foremost, has a great voice that takes us straight to the heart of the song. Steeped in an English pop-folk universe, his songs have a 70s west coast Americana flavour; it’s this blend of scenes and sounds that gives them their distinctly personal and original touch. Imagine Lloyd Cole fronting Steely Dan or Paul McCartney sitting in with the Eagles…

Photo © Barton Hartshorn


6. July 2021

Hailling from Sens, in the countryside of Burgundy, France, Johnny Mafia have played a major part in the recent explosion of the French indie rock scene, alongside other high-energy, explosive acts such as JC Satan, Th Da Freak, The Psychotic Monks or Slift.

With two higly acclaimed albums, inspired by classics like Ramones or Pixies as well as more contemporary acts such as Wavves, and over 250 shows across Europe, includind some of France’s biggest festivals, Johnny Mafia have established themselves as a front-runner in the ever-growing current French scene.

Photo © Maxime Tanchaud


4. May 2021

In the spring of 2018, Franco-American brothers Elliott and Virgile Arndt invoked the union of their inner gene genies and gave birth to Faux Real. As they conceived it, Faux Realism combines elements of post-punk, glam rock, and contemporary R&B with a unique sense of humor, boy band tropes, and a forward-thinking approach to modern pop culture.

Far before releasing any music, Faux Real began performing live, wooing half-confused, half-amused crowds one unconventional venue at a time. Building on a lifetime of inside jokes and shared mp3 libraries, the Arndt brothers created a signature show that simultaneously fetishizes, destroys, and re-invents their kinship through compelling choreography, playfully exploring the boundaries of duality, ridicule, and sexuality.

Faux Real quickly earned a reputation for their wild and unhinged avant-garde anti-rock performances, rewriting the rulebook as they went along, performing anywhere the city allows, from sweaty nightclubs and house parties to street corners and illegal raves, sometimes even hijacking existing concert bills with impromptu slots. Circumstances dictated strict minimalism and so Faux Real embraced it, opting for a hyper-simple backing track set-up more akin to the staging of a hip-hop event than a trad rock ‘n’ roll show. Indeed, Faux Real’s trademark Augmented Karaoke™ sees Elliott and Virgile mixing absurdist Frenglish poetry and Stooge-esque self-flagellation with ersatz athletics and improvised quasi-ballet.

Photo © Faux Real


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