25. August 2021

“Who cares who cares” is the debut album of Wolfgang Pérez. In recent years, he has been busy mainly as the keyboardist of the German-language pop band Golf. Now he wants to leave the German pop worlds as a solo artist – supported by an opulent session band. As the son of a Spanish woman, Wolfgang grew up multilingual anyway – so he’s an alien by nature.

Photo © Frederike Wetzels


24. August 2021

Nina Jukić from Zagreb and Alexander Forstner from Graz are a multi-instrumental electropop duo: she besides vocals on piano and synthesizer, he on drums and guitar. Don’t Go’s sound is pop experimental, danceable but also thoughtful. Their debut single Maybe We’re Just Getting Younger, which aims to encourage a more optimistic look at the existential uncertainties of human life, was released in November 2019. They have been working with producer Sophie Lindinger (Leyya, My Ugly Clementine) on their debut album Jasmine, out April 30, 2021 on Seayou Records.

Photo © Hanna Fasching


20. August 2021

Cosmos in Buzunar is a Moldavian Synth Wave Electronic musical band in the field of synth pop, later IDM, progressive techno, electronics and ambient. They released their first live album VOID in 2020. The group toured heavily in Moldova and Romania with appearances in Chisinau and Bucharest. They gained notoriety for their energetic, inspiring and provoking performances.

The band collaborates with both local and international artists and organized stunning performances. The first steps have already been taken in combining music with visual projections and contemporary technologies such as Project mapping.

Photo © Cosmos in Buzunar


3. August 2021

Their sound is infused with atmospheric synth waves paired with groovy baselines and catchy drum beats refined by organic percussion elements. Add to that the emotional chords and Joscha’s voice with its smooth, honest sound. The result is an unmistakable sound with a high recognition value. Zimmer90 is dreamy, vibey and most of all tactile – that’s exactly what makes them special and makes them stand out in the electro-indie-pop cosmos.

In early 2020 they released their first single “Movin'”, which generated over half a million streams in its first year, proving that the Zimmer90 sound works. After two more self-produced singles, the debut EP “Fall Back” produced by Mario Simic, who already worked with greats like Mavi Phoenix, Fil Bo Riva and BRUCKNER, was released in April 2021. The prestigious label Kitsuné from Paris, with which Phoenix, Parcels and Two Door Cinema Club, among others, has already noticed the band attention to the band and released the single “Fall Back” from Zimmer90 as a featured artist. single “Fall Back” from the EP.

Photo © Zimmer90


3. August 2021

Founded in 2020, SCHORL3 is a brand new project that has already taken off its children’s shoes. The band consists of three guys from Hamburg: the singer and songwriter LMO and the producers Hans & Hans. IndiePop, with strong strong influences from funk, disco and hip hop, and was baptized by the band itself Sprudelpop.

Aesthetically, the group refers strongly to epochs and combines the most diverse styles styles into one of their own. Together with a team of young creatives from all over Germany, it succeeds in creating to create an unmistakable overall product, as sound, style sound, style as well as attitude and brand are different from both the from German mainstream pop as well as from contemporary IndiePop.

Pounding rhythms, polyphonic vocals, the combination of analog and digital sound and a lot of a lot of charm are the core competences of the band. Their musical role models are bands like Jamiroquai, Daft Punk and The Neptunes.

Photo © Jonas Klimaschewski


3. August 2021

Hardheaded force of nature, bushy eyebrows and large shoulders, Murman is a singular artist, charming poet, but also flying carpet seller, outlaw, astronaut, both rescuer and kidnapper of women along the silk road.

Accompanied by the first husband of his cousin (on his aunt side cousin once removed Zauri de Makhtchkala) and Aristophane Krikor berdzenishvilli an old cousin in love with the Caspian sea. He finally decided to tell the world -in his own good natured way how to love and which colour inhabits the heart of a being who lives in a region where vineyards are bountiful.

Murman was born between the black sea and the Caspian sea, he comes from a country which no longer exists.

Photo © Clément Vaysierre


3. August 2021

Kya Kyani, is a Berlin-based music artist. Being born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and having Surinamese roots. Kya grew up as an (Orthodox) Rastafarian being foremostly inspired by Reggae. At a young age she formed a gospel choir with her sisters and frequently performed to be able to do what she loved most. Coming of age and being exposed to a greater scale of genres, she was able to organically grow in her taste and style for creating her own future RnB sound through-lived and influenced by Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Timberland, Sevdaliza, Destiny’s Child, Brandy, Tony Braxton, TLC, Nelly Furtado.

Photo © Kya Kyani


3. August 2021

Since making her debut in 2017, Lisa Pac has amassed several million Spotify streams with just a string of singles like “Helium” and “Cool,” establishing the kind of pop she’s been known for ever since: a fresh, international sound with a slightly dirty edge, combined with authentic, accessible lyrics and her playful, instantly recognizable voice.
Now signed to Warner Music, the singer, songwriter, producer and graduate of London’s Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance is now set to take the next leap: on September 10, her debut EP “What If..?!” will be released with a total of six songs, including the singles “Boring” and “Shoutout”, which have been out since March. This is something to celebrate in the best way possible: live and loud!

Photo © Lisa Pac


3. August 2021

‘+SHE+ is an amalgam of intense emotions as the artist is in everyday life. The project has a synth-pop & dark-electro taste, and with each bite another flavor is added in your body.

Photo © +SHE+


3. August 2021

Since 2018, the 25-year-old singer/songwriter has been processing mostly very personal things in her melancholy-influenced indie pop. In her debut album “A.M. Forever” she talks about her journey to Vienna, growing up, the end of relationships, experiences of racism, depression, running in vicious circles and self-doubt getting out of hand.

Photo © Tim Primbs


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