25. August 2021

“Who cares who cares” is the debut album of Wolfgang Pérez. In recent years, he has been busy mainly as the keyboardist of the German-language pop band Golf. Now he wants to leave the German pop worlds as a solo artist – supported by an opulent session band. As the son of a Spanish woman, Wolfgang grew up multilingual anyway – so he’s an alien by nature.

Photo © Frederike Wetzels


20. August 2021

LIONLION is an indie rock band around the identical twin brothers Michael & Matthias Rückert. Their sound world reminds in a very own way of the catchy melodies of Keane, the charm of Notwist, the bombast of Muse and the drive of Mutemath. LIONLION thus find the golden mean between poetry and practicality, movement and standstill, grand gestures and quiet nuances. Brash Britpop of the turn of the millennium touches spherical James Bond film music, Sgt. Pepper joyfully greets the sound spheres of Pink Floyd and everything ends gently in brute melancholic confidence on the Fender Rhodes.

Photo © Selina Sievers


3. August 2021

Their sound is infused with atmospheric synth waves paired with groovy baselines and catchy drum beats refined by organic percussion elements. Add to that the emotional chords and Joscha’s voice with its smooth, honest sound. The result is an unmistakable sound with a high recognition value. Zimmer90 is dreamy, vibey and most of all tactile – that’s exactly what makes them special and makes them stand out in the electro-indie-pop cosmos.

In early 2020 they released their first single “Movin'”, which generated over half a million streams in its first year, proving that the Zimmer90 sound works. After two more self-produced singles, the debut EP “Fall Back” produced by Mario Simic, who already worked with greats like Mavi Phoenix, Fil Bo Riva and BRUCKNER, was released in April 2021. The prestigious label Kitsuné from Paris, with which Phoenix, Parcels and Two Door Cinema Club, among others, has already noticed the band attention to the band and released the single “Fall Back” from Zimmer90 as a featured artist. single “Fall Back” from the EP.

Photo © Zimmer90


3. August 2021

Vaovao – Six letters of a journey through synthesizer sounds and sound collages, supported by fragmentary violins, driving beats and a hypothermic vocal. The music of Vaovao draws on various elements of the recent history of pop music, reflecting and quoting them, but remaining reflects or quotes them, but due to new combinations always remains more than a pure retro phenomenon. The lines of the German-language lyrics are sometimes Dadaist, they are fragments of narratives and movements, literary vibrations and oscillations that challenge. Sound and text move in musical and lyrical spectra, rather than in delineated patterns. The music swims freely instead of delimiting itself. And at the same time it does not hollow itself out, it remains dense and engaging. This is not a journey on the way to a destination. The destination is the journey. A journey that is just beginning.

Photo © Anna Jaissle


3. August 2021

Founded in 2020, SCHORL3 is a brand new project that has already taken off its children’s shoes. The band consists of three guys from Hamburg: the singer and songwriter LMO and the producers Hans & Hans. IndiePop, with strong strong influences from funk, disco and hip hop, and was baptized by the band itself Sprudelpop.

Aesthetically, the group refers strongly to epochs and combines the most diverse styles styles into one of their own. Together with a team of young creatives from all over Germany, it succeeds in creating to create an unmistakable overall product, as sound, style sound, style as well as attitude and brand are different from both the from German mainstream pop as well as from contemporary IndiePop.

Pounding rhythms, polyphonic vocals, the combination of analog and digital sound and a lot of a lot of charm are the core competences of the band. Their musical role models are bands like Jamiroquai, Daft Punk and The Neptunes.

Photo © Jonas Klimaschewski


3. August 2021

Mulay is a Berlin-based alternative/R&B singer-songwriter, producer and artist. She started her first band projects as a jazz and pop music student in the Netherlands.
The experiences she had there sparked her multidisciplinary approach and the continued journey of discovery of her artistic self-realization.

In a world of fleeting moments, Mulay wants to make music that lasts. The source of her inspiration are artists* who have gone their own way, such as FKA Twigs, SZA and Sevdaliza. Sound textures, vivid imagery, intimate emotions and irrevocably infectious grooves from a wide musical spectrum cross-pollinate. Mulay shapes a kaleidoscopic downtempo sound that can be captured at the intersections of soulful R&B, trip-hop, emphatic pop and electronica.

Photo © Gianna Shamone


3. August 2021

Dudes get scared when Hamburg rapper Mariybu unpacks the mic – and the stage is on fire and the stage is on fire when she delivers her show. Bass-heavy bass-heavy beats, unmistakable announcements and queer feminist empowerment. – all Mariybu brand. With strong opinions, progressive content and a powerful voice, she hits toxic as well as sexist dynamics right where it where it is supposed to hurt. At the same time, the talented artist proves that in the patriarchy and power imbalance, there also needs to be time for pauses, emotionality and vulnerability. Recently signed to the all-female rap label 365XX, Mariybu is currently working on her second EP “BITCHTALK”, which she will release on September 3rd this year.

Photo © Mariybu


3. August 2021

[LEAK] create a warm electronic soundscape, which gives a deep view into a world of heartbreaking nostalgia and heavenly romantic closeups. Shimmering synths, dark hip-hop bits and cinematic, distorted guitars show the path to the surface. Who are you? Where are you? When are you? Where are you coming from? The year for [LEAK] would have started with two shows at the renowned British showcase festival The Great Escape, accompanied by the single “Closeups” and a comic adaptation of the band’s history. A hand-animated video for the single by the British agency “Ladybug” (who have produced works for the likes of Mumford & Sons). It is the summer of 2020 we have a lot to do. 2021 is coming.

Photo © Alexander Hill


3. August 2021

Ava Vegas’ music sounds like a convertible ride through a movie set. Back seat, night, neon lights. Perhaps the open-air drive leads through the imagined replica of Las Vegas, the city that already looks like the replica of all those longings that in life can only bounce off reality. Unreal, deceptive, dangerous. But between dream and reality there exists a place, ambiguous and far, a phantasm, and this place has become music here. Illusion, vision, glitter, tingling. Thus, in the pieces of Ava Vegas something glorious flies through the night, something luminous, visible in a glittering light reflecting in sequins, at the same time enveloped in an inescapable darkness.

Photo © Saga Sigurdado


3. August 2021

Genres are a waste of time and attitude. You count it as indie or synth wave – I’d rather list reasons to explain to my mother why I’m single and fighting anxiety and body image issues. To this “Melancholic Love Shit” simply everything that makes up this generation between feverish drama and egocentricity fits. Despite or perhaps because of the great indie backround, the songs stand out from the crowd with their specific poetic note. Let’s dance like a drunk dad at a barbecue, Let’s cry like everyones watching, Let’s be RUD(e).

Photo © Elena Rud


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