3. August 2021

Born in Latvia, in childhood used to be a part of a Latvian national dance ensemble. After seeing ballet for the first time, fell in love with the Theater atmosphere and decided to pursue her dream of becoming professional ballet dancer. After five at the Riga Choreographic School moved to Ballet Academy in Munich, which lead to five years of work in the Theater. Following her hearts calling, she decided to change her path and applied for the Art Academy in Stuttgart and the rest of her time invested in the music. She developed a new passion for the analog machines, which we will be seeing in her Live Set. You can’t put her music within one genre box, but a certain flow and soulfulness combines whole performance. Her artists name in translation from Latvian means “ Light” which she is going to gift her audience.

Photo © Gaisma


3. August 2021

“KESHAVARA makes songs that sound like the shimmering mirage of a flâneur through an Indian metropolis … A music hybrid, a transcultural sound quest full of imaginary soap bubbles, iridescent and bubbling, in a fantasised Bollywood aesthetic. World music 2.0 from the synthesizer!” – Deutschlandfunk

Photo © Keshavara


3. August 2021

Kya Kyani, is a Berlin-based music artist. Being born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and having Surinamese roots. Kya grew up as an (Orthodox) Rastafarian being foremostly inspired by Reggae. At a young age she formed a gospel choir with her sisters and frequently performed to be able to do what she loved most. Coming of age and being exposed to a greater scale of genres, she was able to organically grow in her taste and style for creating her own future RnB sound through-lived and influenced by Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Timberland, Sevdaliza, Destiny’s Child, Brandy, Tony Braxton, TLC, Nelly Furtado.

Photo © Kya Kyani


6. July 2021

“Unagitated songs, brimming with euphoria, even though they are so quiet. Songwriter pop, with a persuasiveness that makes you raise your fists to the sky in approval. And enthusiastic people on stage who want nothing more than to convince every single listener. With their love for the sounds.” – Puls

Photo © Marco Sensche


6. July 2021

“With a sound somewhere between artists like Girls in Hawaii, Death Cab For Cutie or Sufjan Stevens, the musician manages to build up a tension with haunting guitar sounds and his delicate voice that goes through marrow and bone.” – Diffus Mag

Photo © Burkini Beach


6. July 2021

Mira Mann is a writer and musician. She is a founding member of the postpunk band Candelilla (2001-2017), with whom she released three albums. She writes lyrics for various magazines and newspapers, does the monthly show Text + Musik for Radio 80000 in Munich and works as a booker for clubs and festivals. In fall 2019, she released her debut solo EP Ich mag das, a musical interpretation of her Poems of Anxiety (February 2019, Parasitenpresse). In April 2020, her second poetry collection Komm einfach (Parasitenpresse) was released.

Photo © Tanja Kernweiss


4. May 2021

Sparkling released their long-awaited debut album ‘I Want to See Everything’ in August 2019 and it has been making huge waves. As one of the first german bands, the group played a Maida Vale Session for BBC Radio 1, made it to heavy rotation on BBC 6 Music (UK), DLF Nova (GER), BR Puls (GER) or FM4 (AUS), gets played in shows by Annie Mac, Matt Wilkinson, Jack Saunders or Steve Lamacq and was remixed by bands like Digitalism, Hot Chip and Teleman. Their album has been featured in countless blogs and magazins all across europe, such as Musikexpress, Rolling Stone Magazin or Magic Magazin, got them an invitation to play SXSW Festival (USA) or The Great Escape Festival (UK) and has created a buzz around today’s most exciting band from Germany.

Photo © Sparkling


4. May 2021

First of all, she’s got style. Her own style, to say it precisely. Put June Cocó behind a Piano and she’ll fill the room – any room – with magic. June Cocó is multitalented and multistylistic. Once you hear her music it’s a completely satisfying, very uplifting and inspiring feeling. There is a broad collection of different styles, lyrics and attitudes. And of course the voice and creative energy is the essence and the consistent thing behind all the music. 

Photo © Jordann Wood


4. May 2021

Discovery Zone is the moniker of musician and multi-media artist JJ Weihl who is also a founding member of the experimental pop project Fenster. Raised in New York City and currently based in Berlin, Discovery Zone is the space in which Weihl creates pop music, video collage, powerpoint presentations and algorithmic art experiments exploring the ever shifting holographic lines of code representing our reality and what it means to be a human in relation to cyberspace. Her performances utilise a laboratory of instruments and visuals to explore the universe as a source of information that one can also dance to.

Photo © Lucas Chantre


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