24. August 2021

Dark folk songwriting: melancholic, playful, brutally honest. Songs about penguins and toast, fire salamanders and pot faces. Songs about holding hands in times of racism. Despite their musical simplicity, or perhaps because of it, the poetic songs develop a powerful pull and land razor-sharp where it hurts. The acoustic stories of Vereter, the alter ego of Vienna’s underground musician* Pete Prison IV (Bosna, Mekongg) are hard to let go of.


24. August 2021

Jungle Jade delves into the fluctuating mental states that come with trying to create roots in a new space. Crossing paths as fresh arrivals in Vienna, singer-songwriter Yelvilaa (from Ghana & Hong Kong) and guitarist Shari (from Iran) quickly became good friends and collaborators, forming the project as a way to process their experiences. The duo is staunchly vulnerable, refusing to shy away from the internal dissonance caused by migration, mental illness, ambition, heartbreak,healing – and the joys in between.

Photo © Ina Aydogan


24. August 2021

Dafina Sylejmani aka Dacid Go8lin aka Duff Daddy: Queer, Non-Binary, Rapper, Producer, Songwriter, Promoter, Model, Artists.Dacid is the founder of Femme Dmc, a purely feminine collective and event series dedicated to Hip Hop in all its elements. 

In 2017 Dacid Goßlin decided to no longer just dealing with her event series, but especially with music production.

Since then she has released three EPs, played at various renowned locations and was nominated for various prizes.

Photo © Patrick Münnich


24. August 2021

Aygyul is a Vienna-based and Russian-born DIY multi-talent and ex-opera singer straight outta Floridsdorf who is by now producing electronic music in her home studio. The result: a fusion of Pop, Electro and unconventional influences.

Photo © Alisa Glknn


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