24. August 2021

Each other’s muse, lover and band member. The creative duo behind Donna Blue plays sultry indie pop, under the influence of sixties yé yé, Lynch movies and old Hollywood romance – perfect for practicing those slow dance moves.


20. August 2021

Mom I Made It! This slogan applies to no one better than Eli Preiss. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter is the latest signing to Universal Music Austria’s sublabel of the same name. Eli Preiss released three independently and critically acclaimed EPs and earned the title as FM4 Soundpark Act of the Month.

Socialized with the R&B of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Eli has retooled her influences from back then. To a multi-layered, musical melange between hip-hop, R&B, pop and rap, Eli Preiss deals in her lyrics with the acceptance of her own self – with all its contradictions and mood swings, life, growing up and her role as a young woman in society.

Photo © Marko Mestrovic


3. August 2021

Vaovao – Six letters of a journey through synthesizer sounds and sound collages, supported by fragmentary violins, driving beats and a hypothermic vocal. The music of Vaovao draws on various elements of the recent history of pop music, reflecting and quoting them, but remaining reflects or quotes them, but due to new combinations always remains more than a pure retro phenomenon. The lines of the German-language lyrics are sometimes Dadaist, they are fragments of narratives and movements, literary vibrations and oscillations that challenge. Sound and text move in musical and lyrical spectra, rather than in delineated patterns. The music swims freely instead of delimiting itself. And at the same time it does not hollow itself out, it remains dense and engaging. This is not a journey on the way to a destination. The destination is the journey. A journey that is just beginning.

Photo © Anna Jaissle


3. August 2021

The Rodeo is the anagram of Dorothee, a sassy Parisian musician and singer. She discovered music at the age of 15, when she found an acoustic guitar in her uncle’s attic. This magical key opened the door to the most beautiful journeys, both real and imaginary. After making a name for herself with her first two albums (Music Maelström and La Musica Del Diavolo), recorded all over the world, she returned with a third album, Thérianthropie Paradis, a radical metamorphosis, entirely sung in French and influenced by the highly orchestrated European pop of the 60s and 70s, a sort of mix between France Gall & Blonde Redhead. Dorothée Hannequin’s sensual and evocative mother tongue guides her songwriting and voice onto new paths, full of hidden trails and nuances.

Photo © Giamarchi Daguin


3. August 2021

SUN is a Franco-German singer, songwriter, guitarist and actress. Her first EP Brutal Pop stunned the press and the public with the new kind of sound she created: Pop songwriting with elements of Rock and Metal aka “Brutal Pop.”

SUN started out screaming and shredding in Death Metal bands on one side, belting and dancing in musicals on the other: she played Edith Piaf in France, South Korea, Japan and got recognized on The Voice France. Her unique vocal and acting skills recently led her to the big screen. Her first part is a leading role in a feature film in competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2021, made by internationally awarded director Tony Gatlif. Her character is inspired by herself: she acts, sings her own songs and plays her sparkly Telecaster.

Photo © SUN


3. August 2021

Mimi Kőrös, Budapest-based singer-songwriter-producer and Twitch streamer grew up in Malaysia in a musician family – her stage name ’Saya Noé’ means ’I am Noé’ in Malaysian. She’s making mellow electro-pop, alternative pop tunes in a do-it-yourself mode and (after some early attempts) started her live music career in 2019. In her first full year she became one of the selected talents of the Hungarian Support Programme, also made the Top15 shortlist of HOTS Export Office and CEE professionals voted her to the line-up of Budapest Showcase Hub. ’Under The River’, her biggest hit so far was a collaboration with Grammy-awarded UK producer Matt Lawrence and got a unique video, shot in a torrent. She got coverage in IQ Magazine (2020/11) and became ’Band of The Day’ on Europavox on 18 Dec 2020, referred as ’the Hungarian Lana Del Rey’ upon her first album ’Museum of Sins’ which was released also in December.

Photo © Saya Noé


3. August 2021

SALÒ lives in Vienna and, according to his own statement, makes music for dog petting,
people who refuse to work and everyone else who has feelings. The whole thing sounds like a wild mixture of German post-wave, pop and punk. Since his performance at this year’s c/o pop xoxo, one thing is certain: SALÒ has to be experienced live.

SALÒ’s latest single “Heißes Blei” feat. the Viennese neo-RnB singer Eli Preis, released at the beginning of June, tells the story of two lovers who are only able to live together through the inflicting pain on each other are able to feel pleasure and love.

SALÒ and Eli Preiss paint the picture of a generation that would rather suffer than feel nothing at all, and whose toxic relationships have long since become the norm and whose toxic relationships have long since become a fetish.

SALÒ and Eli Preiss were brought together by the DJ and producer APUA, who also produced “Heißes Blei”. The “Kopf bei Fuss” – label boss is not only known with his parties and releases for several years now, he is an integral part of the local and international electronic scene for several years.


Photo © Marko Mestrovic


3. August 2021

Mulay is a Berlin-based alternative/R&B singer-songwriter, producer and artist. She started her first band projects as a jazz and pop music student in the Netherlands.
The experiences she had there sparked her multidisciplinary approach and the continued journey of discovery of her artistic self-realization.

In a world of fleeting moments, Mulay wants to make music that lasts. The source of her inspiration are artists* who have gone their own way, such as FKA Twigs, SZA and Sevdaliza. Sound textures, vivid imagery, intimate emotions and irrevocably infectious grooves from a wide musical spectrum cross-pollinate. Mulay shapes a kaleidoscopic downtempo sound that can be captured at the intersections of soulful R&B, trip-hop, emphatic pop and electronica.

Photo © Gianna Shamone


3. August 2021

MORDÁI is a Hungarian folk rock group that draws upon the repertoire of the experimental folk movements of the 60s and 70s (Muzsikás Zenekar, Sebő ensemble, etc). The band’s tone and subject matter summons and is driven by the dark presence of the Outlaw.

Photo © Mordái


3. August 2021

In the strange year of 2020, the prolific Croatian singer-songwriter finally decided to make music in his native tongue Kajkavian, a dialect spoken in his home region Podravina. Transitioning from the noisy art-core aesthetic of his band Moskau, he opted for a more personal and intimate sound on the fringes of folk, blues and slowcore. After a year of working on new material, the Croatian crooner released his debut album “Siromahi i Lazari” to great acclaim. In his music, there are traces of Tom Waits, Bill Callahan, Nick Cave, Jim Jarmusch and a number of other pop cultural references to gospel, rebellion, religion, material poverty and regional ethno wealth. It’s exactly the local ingredients that make it special.

Photo © Ivan Grobenski


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