6. July 2021

Sirens of Lesbos are a group of singers, lyricists, instrumentalists and creatives who are about to revive and modernize the Worldbeat genre with their eclectic and groove-led approach. They draw on diverse backgrounds and upbringings to create an irresistible melting pot of sound. Releasing on their own self-titled label, their music is fast attracting fans far and wide, from BBC 1Xtra’s Jamz Supernova, to BBC 6 Music’s Nemone, to Worldwide FM’s Gilles Peterson and Beats 1’s Ebro Darden.

Photo © Dominik Hodel


8. June 2021

Switzerland-based Kety Fusco has developed a unique sound through the vision of a new harp, searching for non-traditional sounds you would never expect to hear from a harp. Kety Fusco’s harp and technology exploration started with her successful debut album DAZED (Universal distribution) described by Swiss critics as “a rare breed”. With DAZED, Kety indeed chose not to follow the tradition of harpists who discover the harp through classic reverbs and loops: she forges a new artistic identity for the harp basing her sound system, for example, with sounds of a vinyl scratched on metal strings, some objects hit on the soundboard of the pre-sampled classical harp, and analog effects manipulated live. Kety Fusco has more than 80 concerts all over Europe, and is working on the world’s first library of non-traditional harp sounds.  

Photo © Sebastiano Piattini


3. May 2021

Identity does not mean being one and the same, but several at the same time. Angola and Switzerland at the same time. Flying and falling at the same time. With his music, Dino makes heads swirl and the splinters of his identity fly high. With a choir, Dino Brandão remains a cancioneiro. He spreads out the small map of the pop music world in shifting proportions. He has an eye for baroque, ornamentation and old percussion, plays on foggy synthesisers and kicks his drum machine, dancing on the broken pieces. Delightfully tangled in all directions, Dino Brandão can be all this without losing himself, whirling on the shards of his reflection.

Photo © Gaetan Nicolas


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