Waves Festival 2020 Line-Up (alphabetically) so far …

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[LEAK] (DE) BY-on / Initiative Musik
7AM (SI) INES#talent / SKICA
9Bach (UK) Focus Wales
Amelie Siba (CZ) SoundCzech
Ätna (DE) INES#talent / Initiative Musik / ETEP
Alicia Edelweiss (AT) XA Nominee / ETEP
Annie Taylor (CH) Swiss Music Export
Apey (HU) HOTS | Hungarian Oncoming Tunes
Balans (SI) INES#talent / SKICA
Bokka (PL) INES#talent
Crimer (CH) Swiss Music Export
Crush (AT) XA Nominee
Dakh Daughters (UA) Music Export Ukraine
Das Bisschen Totschlag (DE) INES#talent
Deep Glaze (HU) INES#talent
Deva (HU) HOTS | Hungarian Oncoming Tunes
Douniah (DE) RockCity Hamburg / Initiative Musik
Eugenia Post Meridiem (IT) INES#talent / ETEP
Farce (AT) XA Nominee
Flut (AT) XA Nominee
Fo Sho (UA) Music Export Ukraine
Gigi Masin (IT)
Griff (UK) Warner Music Night Vienna (virtual acoustic session) / ETEP
Happyness (UK)
HMS Morris (UK) Focus Wales
Jakob Kobal (SI) INES#talent / SKICA
JC Stewart (IE) Warner Music Night Vienna (virtual acoustic session)
Jessiquoi (CH) INES#talent / Swiss Music Export / ETEP
Julia Church (ZA)
June Cocó (DE) INES#talent
Karpov Not Kasparov (RO) INES#talent
Karel (NL) ETEP
Krapka;Koma (UA) Music Export Ukraine
KiTZ (DE) Pop-Büro Region Stuttgart / Initiative Musik
Lazy Day (UK) INES#talent
Lizki (DE)
Lou Asril (AT) XA Nominee / ETEP
Lulu Schmidt (AT) XA Nominee
Maisie Peters (UK) Warner Music Night Vienna (virtual acoustic session)
Market (CZ) INES#talent / SoundCzech
Mayvie (LI)
Misia Furtak (PL) INES#talent
Mynth (AT)
Nava (IT) INES#talent
Noisy Pots (CZ) SoundCzech
Núria Graham (ES) INES#talent
Nürnberg (BY)
Oska (AT) XA Nominee
Panic Shack (UK) Focus Wales
Pavvla (ES) INES#talent
Porridge Radio (UK)
Rosemary Loves A Blackberry (RU)
S1mba (UK) Warner Music Night Vienna (virtual acoustic session)
Sam Florian (SE) INES#talent
Scotch & Water (DE) RockCity Hamburg / Initiative Musik
Shishi (LT) INES#talent
SPQR (UK) INES#talent
Shelter Boy (DE) ETEP
Sumie (SE)
Stefanie Schrank (DE) popNRW / Initiative Musik
Swutscher (DE)
The Bad Tones (LV)
The Bland (SE) INES#talent
The Castle (UA) Music Export Ukraine
The Zephyr Bones (ES) INES#talent
Thumper (IE) ETEP
Tik Tu (UA) Music Export Ukraine
Titus Waldner (DE) Pop-Büro Region Stuttgart / Initiative Musik
TseSho (UA)
Music Export Ukraine
Umme Block (DE) BY-on / Initiative Musik
Weed & Dolphins (BY)
Whales (PT) INES#talent
Xul Zolar (DE) popNRW / Initiative Musik
Zimbru (RO) INES#talent

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