Arai (AT) @ Mom I Made It / Universal Label Night

12. August 2022
EN: ARAI’s guiding thought is that of free creation. As a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, violin and drums), the 27-year-old has been producing since he was fifteen. Since 2019, he has been pooling his many talents in his own music project and plans to push the boundaries of genre fusion in his future albums as well. “I want to create another microcosm for myself with each upcoming album, both musically and visually, all of which can co-exist in the same musical universe. My world – mine or no rules! Everything is allowed!” Whether it’s music style, sound design, song length or concept, ARAI doesn’t allow itself to be limited by music industry standards.

DE: ARAIs leitender Gedanke ist der des freien Schaffens. Als Multiinstrumentalist (Gitarre, Klavier, Geige und Schlagzeug) produziert der 27-Jährige, seit er fünfzehn ist. Seit 2019 bündelt er seine zahlreichen Talente in einem eigenen Musikprojekt und plant auch in seinen zukünftigen Alben die Grenzen der Genre-Fusionierung auszureizen. „Ich möchte mir mit jedem kommenden Album einen weiteren Mikrokosmos erschaffen, sowohl musikalisch als auch visuell, die alle im gleichen Musikuniversum koexistieren können. Meine Welt – meine oder keine Regeln! Alles ist erlaubt!“ Ob Musikrichtung, Soundesign, Song-Länge oder Konzept – ARAI lässt sich nicht von Musikindustrie-Standards einschränken.


September 9 is all about young, up-and-coming artists who want to inspire music fans with their unique sound at the Mom I Made It Night in the WUK Halle. Danceable drama pop? No problem. Post-Punk? Of course. Or would you prefer modern rap? The artists Arai (AT), Saló (AT) and Kitana (AT) offer an evening full of musical variety. The newcomers from the various genres are not only celebrating their first successes on the radio, they are also in hot demand on social media and streaming platforms. One more reason to experience the artists live and up close.


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9 September @ 19:45

WUK Halle presented by CANAL+

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