Kahlenberg x Anna Mabo (AT) @ Goodlive Artists x Ticketmaster New Music

12. August 2022
EN: Kahlenberg feat. Anna Mabo “Tiebreak” The classiest double since the Royal Tenenbaums between Gwyneth Paltrow and Luke Wilson.
Only more toxic. The match of the sexes musically skillfully staged – game, set, victory: the listener!

DE: Kahlenberg feat. Anna Mabo „Tiebreak“ Das nobelste Doppel seit den Royal Tenenbaums zwischen Gwyneth Paltrow und Luke Wilson.
Nur toxischer. Das Match der Geschlechter musikalisch gekonnt in Szene gesetzt – Spiel, Satz, Sieg: der Zuhörer!


Ticketmaster and Goodlive Artists welcome artists, partners and colleagues on September 8th for drinks & food in a cozy atmosphere at the Reception at Chelsea (Lerchenfeldergürtel). In the following showcase Goodlive Artists and Ticketmaster New Music present the upcoming acts Philine Sonny, Moncrieff and Tigermilch, and as a special highlight the exclusive live premiere of the joint single by Kahlenberg x Anna Mabo.


KB = (c) Christoph Meissner
Anna = (c) Thomas Schrenk

9 September @ 19:00


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