How to sell merch at Waves Vienna 2020

We offer a merch service where artists are able to sell their merch in our webshop during and shortly after the festival period. There will also be a button during the live stream of the resprective act leading to the product page. The merch service will also be communicated through all our channels.

Transaction & Shipping

This service is free of charge. The entire purchase amount + shipping costs goes to the artist. We will handle the selling process on our webshop and receive the money. The payment of the orders will be released to the artists after the orders have reached the buyers.

All order details are sent to the artists after the festival. The artists are responsible for shipping process.

After 14 days a proof of shipment (photo of a receipt with tracking code) of all orders has to be sent to otherwise the orders will be cancelled and the money is transfered back to the buyers.


The requirements to use our service:

    • max. 3 products
    • Shipping costs have to be calculated for 3 shipping zones (We advise to only use shipping options with tracking codes):
      • national (country from which the products are sent)
      • European Union
      • Rest of the world

Please fill out the details here till August 31st at latest:


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