WAVES VIENNA 2018 Line-Up (in alphabetical order) … more coming soon

A Tale Of Golden Keys (DE)
Alapastel (SK)
Andrea Bucko (SK)
Antonia Vai (HU)
Attic Giant (AT)
Bergfilm (DE) – INES#talent
Blind Butcher (CH)
Blond (DE)
Bowrain (SI) – INES#talent
Bulp (SK)
Catastrophe & Cure (AT) – INK Music Night
Chad Valley (UK)
Cléa Vincent (FR)
Culk (AT)
Dena (DE)
Die Sauna (DE)
Dives (AT)
Drahthaus (AT)
Dramas (AT)
False Advertising (UK)
Fran Palermo (HU)
Futurski (SI) – INES#talent
Gewalt (DE)
Grandfather’s House (PT)
Haiku Garden (SI) –  INES#talent
Holy Nothing (PT)
Holy Now (SE)
Ilgen-Nur (DE)
Isama Zing (SK)
Jamie Isaac (UK)
Kaiko (AT) – Ink Music Night
Kids N Cats (AT)
La Jungle (BE)
Lazer Viking (CZ)
Leak (DE)
Len Sander (CH)
Like Elephants (AT)
Listen To Leena (AT)
Love Good Fail (AT) – Seayou/Problembär Records Night
Low Potion (AT)
Lukas Lauermann (AT)
Lysistrata (FR)
Mascha (AT) – Seayou/Problembär Records Night
Mickey (AT) – INK Music Night
Mile Me Deaf (AT)
Mister Teaser (PT)
Mörk (HU)
Nabihah Iqbal (UK)
Nelio (AT) – Seayou/Problembär Stage
Neneh Cherry (SE)
Neuschnee (AT) – Seayou/Problembär Stage
Noah Kwaku (DE)
Noiserv (PT)
Odd Couple (DE)
Pale Grey (BE)
:Papercutz (PT) – INES#talent
Papyllon (SK)
Paramount Styles (US)
Pauls Jets (AT)
Plàsi (SE)
Please Madame (AT)
Pom Poko (NO)
Pressyes (AT) – INK Music Night
Rodrigo Leão (PT)
Safari (AT) – INK Music Night
Says (SK)
Schnellertollermeier (CH)
Schönheitsfehler (AT)
Sfya (AT)
Silberwolff (AT)
Sir Tralala (AT)
Slenderbodies (US)
Stroon (SK)
Surma (PT)
Tamino (BE)
Teepee (CZ)
Ten Tonnes (UK) – Warner Music Night
Teresa Rotschopf (AT)
The Blind Suns (FR)
The Go! Team (UK)
The Miami Flu (PT)
Theodor Shitstorm (DE)
Theodore (GR)
Thirsty Eyes (AT)
Thom Artway (CZ)
Trupa Trupa (PL)
Tsar B (BE)
Vaarwell (PT)
Viech (AT)
Vivin (AT) – Seayou/Problembär Stage
Warmduscher (UK)
We Bless This Mess (PT) – INES#talent
Wunderwelt (DE)
WWWater (BE)
Žen (HR)

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