Waves Festival 2021 Line-Up

52 Hertz Whale (SK) – INES#talent

”52 Hertz Whale exist at the intersection of towering post-rock, introspective shoegaze and more fiery heavier outbursts of post punk. ” gigwise.com (UK) With two releases under their belt – a 2015 eponymous EP and their first studio album “Iʼve met a lot of people” released in 2017 as well as with their 2018 European […]

Aze (AT)

Apart from each other they are Beyza and Ezgi, together they form Aze. They grew up together and have been making music for 10 years. They say the more time you spend with a person the more like them you become. This allowed two rather different personalities to grow alongside while maintaining a nearly identical […]

Burkini Beach (DE)

“With a sound somewhere between artists like Girls in Hawaii, Death Cab For Cutie or Sufjan Stevens, the musician manages to build up a tension with haunting guitar sounds and his delicate voice that goes through marrow and bone.” – Diffus Mag

Casper Clausen (DK) – ETEP

“Clausen channels moods and sounds with a sense of unbridled freedom, optimism and inquisitive liberty, touching on elements of krautrock, avant-pop and progressive rock, whilst bassy vocal refrains and expansive approach to composition is unmistakably the Casper Clausen fans have come to know.” – City Slang

Cloud Cloud (AT)

Cloud Cloud is a dreamy guitar pop duo from Kiel (DE) and Vienna (AT), which writes songs via E-mail and video chat. Their haunting, minimalistic melodies melt into atmospheric melancholy, capturing the familiar and the far away. Marten Kafke (also known as a member of the Viennese band KIDS N CATS) and Katja Seifert met […]

Dino Brandão (CH)

Identity does not mean being one and the same, but several at the same time. Angola and Switzerland at the same time. Flying and falling at the same time. With his music, Dino makes heads swirl and the splinters of his identity fly high. With a choir, Dino Brandão remains a cancioneiro. He spreads out […]

Discovery Zone (DE) – ETEP

Discovery Zone is the moniker of musician and multi-media artist JJ Weihl who is also a founding member of the experimental pop project Fenster. Raised in New York City and currently based in Berlin, Discovery Zone is the space in which Weihl creates pop music, video collage, powerpoint presentations and algorithmic art experiments exploring the […]

Downers & Milk (AT)

Downers & Milk are refuge in music – a darkly radiant comfort zone where stories of failure and moving on, of stray minds and dreamy consciousness are told. The song of the Viennese band illuminate the farthest corners of human existence and accompany on a walk through the darker side of sensations. Carried by two […]

Earl Mobley (AT)

Early Mobley combines indie rock with influences from jazz, neo-soul and funk on the debut. The songs reflect his unique approach to pop. “The pseudonym chosen by Konstantin Heidler comes from a Helge Schneider movie, and Schneider is not only a gifted comedian, but first and foremost a gifted musician and just like Earl Mobley […]

Faux Real (FR) – ETEP

In the spring of 2018, Franco-American brothers Elliott and Virgile Arndt invoked the union of their inner gene genies and gave birth to Faux Real. As they conceived it, Faux Realism combines elements of post-punk, glam rock, and contemporary R&B with a unique sense of humor, boy band tropes, and a forward-thinking approach to modern […]

Florence Arman (AT)

Florence Arman is an established singer/songwriter who is now launching her career as a solo artist. She is no stranger to the international pop scene, having collaborated with artists such as Rhys Lewis, The Kooks, Barns Courtney, G-Flip, Crystal Fighters, filous, Harry Hudson, Cro and Lena Meyer-Landrut (to name a few). Now she dedicates herself […]

Francis of Delirium (LU) – INES#talent

Born out of a bedroom, the project Francis of Delirium was created by solo artist Jana Bahrich (Vancouver, CA) who later invited drummer/producer, Chris Hewett (Seattle, USA) to form an indie rock band, based in Luxembourg. Uniquely synthesizing grunge and folk to create an evocative and vulnerable experience, Francis of Delirium gently guides the listener […]


When a 12 year old girl stuffs socks down her trousersin order to pass as a male rock singer in the school band, you could say there is a certain type of determination at play. It also shows that even in her younger years, Mikala Nørgaard had fun both celebrating as well as destroying male […]

Gran Bankrott (AT)

Gran is dead! Long live Gran Bankrott! After one EP and two LPs, DIY-jack-of-all-trades Florian Tremmel says goodbye to his solo act Gran to resurrect him in the form of Gran Bankrott. Gran’s already an outstanding act in post punk circles: A skilful mix of groovy driven post punk à la Gang of Four, big […]

Johnny Mafia (FR)

Hailling from Sens, in the countryside of Burgundy, France, Johnny Mafia have played a major part in the recent explosion of the French indie rock scene, alongside other high-energy, explosive acts such as JC Satan, Th Da Freak, The Psychotic Monks or Slift. With two higly acclaimed albums, inspired by classics like Ramones or Pixies […]

June Cocó (DE) – INES#talent

First of all, she’s got style. Her own style, to say it precisely. Put June Cocó behind a Piano and she’ll fill the room – any room – with magic. June Cocó is multitalented and multistylistic. Once you hear her music it’s a completely satisfying, very uplifting and inspiring feeling. There is a broad collection […]

Kety Fusco (CH)

Switzerland-based Kety Fusco has developed a unique sound through the vision of a new harp, searching for non-traditional sounds you would never expect to hear from a harp. Kety Fusco’s harp and technology exploration started with her successful debut album DAZED (Universal distribution) described by Swiss critics as “a rare breed”. With DAZED, Kety indeed […]

Kiwi Jr. (CA)

“Crammed full of wry, observational wit and pop smarts in taut fashion.” – Clash Music

Krekhaus (BG)

Krekhaus is a four-piece alternative rock band based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Founded in 2016, the band has played at some of the major festivals in Bulgaria, such as Hills of Rock 2019, BNR Park Fest 2019, Sofia Breathes 2016, GuitArt 2018 and Kapana Fest 2016. Krekhaus were handpicked by the Austrian power trio Mother’s Cake […]

Laikka (AT)

Formed in early 2020, Laikka deal with the great topics of our time, both musically and textually. A deep, melancholic look inside, strong emotions, the feeling of loneliness, diffuse fears, or even boredom in the digital age are often juxtaposed with their own big dreams. The overall appearance of the band is often influenced by […]

Lelee (SI) INES#talent

“Lelee’s music is a kind of imaginary Adriatic indie rock that is emotive, sincere and straightforward, tailored for alternative as well as mainstream audiences looking for fresh music.” – Thoughts Words Action

Liener (AT)

Massively dirty electro-pop in a not too difficult to decipher context of German-language pop music from Vienna. “Matthias LIENER comes from a classical music tradition of the Vienna Boys Choir. The music he makes now blurs gender boundaries and doesn’t spare criticism of good manners.” – Music Austria Photo © Dan D. Joseph

Löwelöwe (AT)

With his band Löwelöwe, singer and multi-instrumentalist Christian Hummer enters absolutely new territory in the German-language musical cosmos. The playful psychedelic arrangements and dense melodic structures form a lush, retro-futuristic soundscape – together with a vulnerable voice that tells of the heaviness of lonely nights and the lightness of new love in unagitatedly honest words.

Meskerem Mees (BE) – ETEP

Armed with nothing but her intriguing voice, her acoustic guitar and the cello of her buddy Febe, she transforms her layered and carefully crafted songs into the sweetest ear candy. Her melodies burrow their way into your brain, while the choruses take up residence in your head and refuse to leave. Meskerem Mees is all […]

Mira Mann (DE)

Mira Mann is a writer and musician. She is a founding member of the postpunk band Candelilla (2001-2017), with whom she released three albums. She writes lyrics for various magazines and newspapers, does the monthly show Text + Musik for Radio 80000 in Munich and works as a booker for clubs and festivals. In fall […]

Modecenter (AT)

“In any case, a band that would have earned the live stage with good noise already with their first single is Modecenter.” – Radio FM4

Oxford Drama (PL)

Oxford Drama is known on their homeland music scene for being consistent in creating their own musical language, and not necessarily eager to take the easiest path to success. The duo is frequently described by journalists as those who make „unpretentious” music – the kind that seems to naturally flow out of them through their […]

Oxyjane (AT)

Oxyjane’s pop-grunge is recalling early Nineties power chords, no-frills, solid beat-keeping drums and cat screaming guitar parts.

Rahel (AT)

Hooks that stay in your ear, a breathy voice and echoing guitars that seem to come from another world: That’s how you could describe the music of Rahel. Dream pop meets NDW, 80s beat meets muted synths. Since 2020, Rahel has been holed up in her home studio with producer Raphael Krenn, and the songs […]

Ruhmer (AT)

Ruhmer was born in a suburb of Linz and began his musical career as a drummer. Working as a sound engineer on film sets all over the world his life took a surprising turn in 2019; as live drummer of the band “Oehl” he played major tours. Suddenly homeless in Calais, France, he finally devoted […]

sinks (CZ)

The Brno noiserock three-piece sinks is characterized by a raw, straightforward musical approach and unforgettable energetic live performances. The band’s music calls back on the roots of British postpunk as well as contemporary noise and punk acts. sinks‘ three EPs; 0, June and an electronic reimagination of June, July, released by Berlin based Crazysane Records […]

Sir Simon (DE)

“Unagitated songs, brimming with euphoria, even though they are so quiet. Songwriter pop, with a persuasiveness that makes you raise your fists to the sky in approval. And enthusiastic people on stage who want nothing more than to convince every single listener. With their love for the sounds.” – Puls Photo © Marco Sensche

Sirens of Lesbos (CH)

Sirens of Lesbos are a group of singers, lyricists, instrumentalists and creatives who are about to revive and modernize the Worldbeat genre with their eclectic and groove-led approach. They draw on diverse backgrounds and upbringings to create an irresistible melting pot of sound. Releasing on their own self-titled label, their music is fast attracting fans far […]

Sluff (AT)

“Sluff’s indie rock knows shoegaze and dream-pop like the back of its hand, but always has enough direction and dynamics in its delivery to keep the listeners’ attention.” – The Gap

Sparkling (DE) – INES#talent

Sparkling released their long-awaited debut album ‘I Want to See Everything’ in August 2019 and it has been making huge waves. As one of the first german bands, the group played a Maida Vale Session for BBC Radio 1, made it to heavy rotation on BBC 6 Music (UK), DLF Nova (GER), BR Puls (GER) […]

Takeshi’s Cashew (AT)

Takeshi’s Cashew (Laut & Luise, Berlin) are a newly formed psych-funk group that explore the boundaries of club culture, world music & 70’s psychedelia. All coming from different musical directions, they create a colorful fusion of their respective genres embedded in a club-like beat framework and elevate their often complex arrangements to a beautiful & […]

Zinn (AT)

Zinn sings in the light dialect of morbid Vienna, a longing trumpet hides in the retro sound again and again […] the lyrics are reminiscent of minimalist verses á la bands like Die Heiterkeit or International Music. – Radio FM4


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