Line-Up FRIDAY 27.SEP.2019

The Line-Up of the day in alphabetical order …

Alon Lotringer (IL)
Alyona Alyona (UA)
Anger (AT)
Bernhard Eder (AT)
Cassia (UK)
Dan Mangan (CA)
Do Nothing (UK)
Drahthaus (AT)
Go! Go! Gorillo (AT)
Ikan Hyu (CH)
Jeremy Pascal (AT)
John Moods (DE)
Kristoff (AT)
Lara Snow (IL)
Marissa Nadler (US)
Matija (DE)
Melby (SE)
Mola (DE)
Neomi (SI)
On Bells (AT)
One Sentence. Supervisor (CH)
Paula Valstein (IL)
Penelope Isles (UK)
Sabina (IL)
Telquist (DE)
The Blinders (UK)
The Happy Sun (AT)
The Stroppies (AU)
Tik Tu (UA)
Titus Probst (AT)
To Be We (SI)
World Brain (FR)
Vögel die Erde essen (DE)

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