Line-Up SATURDAY 28.SEP.2019

The Line-Up of the day in alphabetical order  …

[O] (UA)
(The) Lesser Men (HR)
Chastity Belt (US)
Decadent Fun Club (PL)
Darjeeling (DE)
Fox & Bones (US)
Friedberg (AT)
Hayley Reardon (US)
Ina West (PL)
Ivan & The Parazol (HU)
Keke (AT)
Linn Koch-Emmery (SE)
Lara Lotzer (LI)
Lisa Pac (AT)
Little Element (AT)
Long Tall Jefferson (CH)
Manx (SE)
Mark Peters (UK)
Marie (AT)
New Dawn Fading (LI)
Noair (SI)
Perfect Son (PL)
Pippa (AT)
Rebecca Lou (DK)
Sasha Boole (UA)
Sladek (AT
Soia (AT)
Strandhase (AT)
The Hunting Dogs (HR)
The Qualitons (HU)
The Magnettes (SE)
The Screenshots (DE)
TinTin (DE)
Two Year Vacation (SE)
Vera Jonas Experiment (HU)
Worth (US)
Zalagasper (SI)

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