Line-Up THURSDAY 26.SEP.2019

The Line-Up of the day in alphabetical order (more to come soon) …

Alli Neumann (DE)
Atzur (AT)
Bee Bee Sea (IT)
Das Moped (DE)
Elis Noa (AT)
Good Wilson (AT)
International Music (DE)
Iris Gold (DK)
Juicy (BE)
Mayberian Sanskülotts (HU)
Miblu (AT)
Middlemist Red (HU)
Oehl (AT)
Platon Karataev (HU)
Petrol Girls (AT)
Shortparis (RU)
Sketches On Duality (AT)
Those Goddamn Hippies (AT)

Waves Vienna 2019 Playlist

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