Waves Vienna 2011

Soap & Skin (AT)

Erika M. Anderson EMA (US)

Gang of Four (UK)

Agent Cooper (AT)

Allen Alexis (AT)

Andrew Hung (UK)

Andrew Weatherall (UK)

Brasstronaut (CA)

Bilderbuch (AT)

Black Shampoo (AT)

British Sea Power (GB)

Cherry Sunkist (AT)

Clara Luzia (AT)

D.I.M. (DE)

Destroy, Munich (AT)

Die Eternias (AT)

Dikta (IS)

DJ Phono (DE)

Emily Barker (US)

Ewert and the Two Dragons (EE)


Film (GR)

Haight-Ashbury (US)

Ian Fisher (US)

Instrumenti (LV)

Is Tropical (UK)

Jacek Sienkiewicz (PL)

Jamie Woon (UK)

Jana Vébrová (CZ)

Jellybeat (AT)

Ken Hayakawa (AT)

Kenton Slash Demon (DK)

Killed By 9V Batteries (AT)

Kreatiivmootor (EE)

Kyst (PL)

Little Scream (CA)

Longital (SK)

M185 (AT)

Ogris Debris (AT)

Peterlicker (AT)

Petrol (RS)

Photek (UK)

Plastic Swans(SK)

Resorts (CA)

Retro Stefson (IS)

Rubik (FI)


School is Cool (BE)

Sheila She Loves You (CH)

Sin Fang (IS)

Slap In The Bass (HU)

Svavar Knútur (IS)

Sweet Sweet Moon (AT)

Tempelhof (CZ)

The Beth Edges (AT)

The Duke Spirit (UK)

The Uniques (SK)

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (UK)

Touchy Mob (DE)

When Saints Go Machine (DK)

WhoMadeWho (DK)

Wolfram (AT)

Woody Alien (PL)

Zola Jesus (US) and many more (total of 80 acts)

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