The Design Event of The Year

Virtual conference for Firm Owners, Office Operations, and Project Managers across Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, and Engineering.

Waves Vienna

Bad Hammer (DE)
Bluai (BE)
Bo Milli (NO)
Comfort (UK)
David Arcos (CO)
Eat Girls (FR)
Edna Million (AT)
Efeu (AT)
Elle Valenci (FR)
Enesi M. (AT)
Gardens (AT)
Ischia (AT)
Jazzygold (FO)
Laventure (FR)
Leber (AT)
Low Life Rich Kids (AT)
Lukas Oscar (AT)
Masaž (SI)
Mina Richman (DE)
Modular (DE)
Nnoa (AT)
Oh alien (AT)
Panik Deluxe (AT)
Portrait of Tao (AT)
Potato Beach (AT)
Ravage Club (FR)
Skofi (AT)
Spilif (AT)
Suluka (AT)
Tusks (UK)
Unflirt (UK)

more to come …

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