Waves Vienna 2013

A.G. Trio (AT)

Amatorski (BE)

Kari Amirian (PL)

Anika (DE)

Artur8 (PL)

Ash My Love (AT)

Attwenger (AT)

Au Revoir Simone (US)

The Beth Edges (AT)

Birth of Joy (NL)


MarlaBlumenblatt (DE)


Didi Bruckmayr & The M-Fx(AT)


Charli XCX (UK)

Cid Rim (AT)

The Clonious (AT)

Cold Mailman (NO)

Coldair (PL)

Coma Stereo (SI)

Compuphonic (BE)

Cousins (CA)

Crunch 22 (IL)


Dans Dans (BE)

Thomas David (AT)

Deadnote Danse (AT)

Dream Koala (FR)

Lenka Dusilova (CZ)

Electric Soft Parade (UK)

The End Band (AT)

Ernesty International (AT)

Exclusive (DE)

Nathan Fake (UK)

Farewell Dear Ghost (AT)

Fijuka (AT)

Filou (AT)

Float Fall (BE)

Flying Horseman (BE)

Fuckhead (AT)

The GFs (CZ)

Ghost Capsules (AT)

Girls In Hawaii (BE)

Go! Go! Gorillo (AT)

Ian Green (SI)

Grimus (RO)

Headbirds (ES)

Hella Comet (AT)

Hurricane Dean (DE)

Frida Hyvönen (SE)

I-Wolf & TheChainreactions (AT)

Iceage (DK)

illute (DE)

It’s Everyone Else (SI)

Janefondas (AT)

Japanther (US)

Alise Joste (LV)

Julianund der Fux (AT)

Kabul Dreams (AF)

Kate Boy (SE)

Kieslowski (CZ)

Kill Kenny (SI)

Kingsfoil (US)

Martin Klein (AT)

Aidan Knight (CA)

Kreisky (AT)

Kristoffer and the HarbourHeads (SE)

Krystal Klear (UK)

Yuri Landman Ensemble (NL)

Leure (AU)

Lovely Quinces (HR)

M185 (AT)

Magic Arm (UK)

Majestic Mood (AT)

Milk Drinkers (SI)

Mmoths (IE)

Monophona (LU)

Moogle (AT)

Mozes & The Firstborn (NL)

múm (IS)

My Heart Belongs To CeciliaWinter (CH)

Napravi Mi Dete (SI)

New Wave Syria(SI)

Nowhere Train (AT)

Nutrasweet (AT)

Ola Horhe (RS)

Oscar And The Wolf (BE)

Pink Studio (HR)

Punda Omar (AT)

The Reboot Joy Confession (AT)

The Ringo Jets (TR)

Ned Rise (AT)

Ritornell (AT)

Say Yes Dog (LU)

Sex On The Beach (AT)


Slut (DE)

Sohn (UK/AT)

Soldout (BE)

The Toronto Drug Bust (SI)

The Touch (SE),Touristen Tempo(AT)

Trains Of Thoughts(TimoNovotny


Uciel (AT)

Velojet (AT)

Velvet Two Stripes (CH)

Mika Vember (AT)

Vortex Rex (AT)

Wandl (AT)

We Walk Walks(AT)

Werefox (SI),the who the whatthe yeah (AT)

Woodcut (AT)


Zanshin (AT)



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