Waves Vienna 2014

A Basement in Bloom (AT)
A Tale Of Golden Keys (DE)
Abby Lee Tee (AT)
Adisdead (AT)
Aka Tell (AT)
Alcoholic Faith Mission (DK)
Alexa Feser (DE)
Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) (UK)
Ana Curcin (RS)
Andaka (AT)
Anything Maria (FR)
Atlanter (NO)
Bad Weed (AT)
Ballet School (DE)
Blaenavon (UK)
Carl Et Les Hommes-Boites (BE)
Carnival Youth (LV)
Charity Children (DE)
Cheaters (NL)
Cheveu (FR)
Chili and the Whalekillers (IS)
Chris Emray (AT)
Crazy Bitch In A Cave (AT)
Dave Tarrida (UK)
David Douglas (NL)
Die Nerven (DE)
Disco Demons (AT)
Electric Lady (CZ)
Electrosexual (DE)
Everything Is Made in China (RU)
Fairlight Club DJs (AT)
Fesch (AT)
Fino (AT)
First Aid Kit (SE)
FM4 DJs (AT)
Freud (AT)
Future:Art (AT)
Fvlcrvm (SK)
Garden City Movement (IL)
Get Your Gun (DK)
Giantree (AT)
Girl Band (IE)
Go Go Berlin (DK)
Golden Parazyth (LT)
Gospel Dating Service (AT)
Houpací Konê (CZ)
Hunter & The Bear (UK)
Intergalactic Lovers (BE)
Irena Zilic (HR), Isaiah (IL)
Jaakko Eino Kalevi (FI)
Jennie Abrahamson (SE)
Jet Flower (DK)
Jimmy And The Goofballs (AT)
Jimmy Pé (SK)
Johann Sebastian Bass (AT)
Johannes Benz (CZ)
Jonathan (HR)
Julia Marcell (PL)
Kensington (NL)
Kids N Cats (AT)
Kommando Elefant (AT)
Koreless (UK)
Kwabs (UK)
Leitstrahl & Friends (DJ Set) (AT)
Léyya (AT)
Local Suicide (DJ Set) (DE)
Lydmor (DK)
Manu Delago Handmade (AT)
Maur Due & Lichter (AT)
Maximilian Meindl (DJ) (AT)
Mieko Suzuki (DJ Set) (DE)
Mieze Medusa & Tenderboy (AT)
Mirel Wagner (FI)
Mlat (HR)
Mo Kenney (CA)
Modell Doo (AT)
Mount Kimbie (DJ Set) (UK)
My House in Spain (AT)
Neonstream (AT)
Nihils (AT)
Nikki Louder (SI)
No Head On My Shoulders feat. Ceren Oran (AT)
Noah Kin (FI)
Nutrasweet (DJ) (AT)
Oknai (SI)
Palindrome (AT)
Pilot Jr. (AT)
Pional (ES)
Pomrad (BE)
Prasselbande (AT)
Propella (AT)
Rakede (DE)
Redinho (UK)
Repetitor (RS)
Repint (AT)
Ruth Koleva (BG)
Schafe & Wölfe (DE)
Schmieds Puls (AT)
Scott Matthew (AU)
Snoww Crystal (AT)
Soda Fabric (IL)
Sopot (BA)
Spaceman Spiff (DE)
Still Parade (DE)
Tamar Antler (IL)
Tante Elze (SK)
Tenfold Rabbit (EE)
The Animen (CH)
The Boys You Know (AT)
The Hidden Cameras (CA)
The Pixels (RO)
The Town Heroes (CA)
Thees Uhlmann & Band (DE)
Toulouse Lautrec (RO)
Us Lights (US)
Villalog (AT)
Vlasta Popic (HR)
Vvhile (RS)
Walter Schnitzelsson (SK)
We Invented Paris (CH)
Your Gay Thoughts (SI)
Y’akoto (DE)
Zapaska (UA)

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