Waves Vienna 2017

Aid Kid (CZ)
Albert af Ekenstam (SE)
Aliocha (CA)
Almeeva (FR)
Anger (AT)
Annika (AT)
Ant Antic (AT)
Any Other (IT)
April Red (TW)
At Pavillon (AT)
Azizi Gibson (DE)
Babé Sila (HU)
Back to Felicity (AT)
Be Charlotte (UK)
Belau (HU)
Birthh (IT)
Bitten By (AT)
Black Palms Orchestra (AT)
Brunettes Shoot Blondes (UA)
Cari Cari (AT)
Chuckamuck (DE)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (US)
Client Liaison (AU)
Coals (PL)
Coco Hames (US)
Cold Cold Nights (CZ)
Cut Out Club (IL)
Daniel Vezoja (SI)
Denis The Night & The Panic Party (IT)
Der traurige Gärtner (AT)
Dope Calypso (HU)
East of my Youth (IS)
Ebow (AT)
Edwin (AT)
Emily Roberts (DE)
Everdeen (DE)
E^st (AU)
Fai Baba (CH)
Forest Swords (UK)
Fortuna Ehrenfeld (DE)
Frankie Animal (EE)
Gaddafi Gals (DE)
Ghost of You (CZ)
Giungla (IT)
Gospel Dating Service (AT)
Hunger (Trio) (AT)
Iamjj (DK)
Ider (UK)
It’s The Lipstick On Your Teeth (AT)
I Wear* Experiment (EE)
J. Bernardt (BE)
Jugo Ürdens (AT)
Jordan Klassen (CA)
Joseph J. Jones(UK)
Kalandra (NO)
Kiol (IT)
Klan (DE)
Kommando Elefant (AT)
Lea Santee (AT)
Lilly Among Clouds (DE)
Little Big Sea (AT)
LischKapelle (DE)
Louie Austen (AT)
Lubomyr Melnyk (UA)
Lynn Maring (CH)
Das Lunsentrio (DE)
Lulu Schmidt (AT)
Magic Island (DE)
Manon Meurt (CZ)
Maria Thornton (AT)
Milo Meskens(BE)
Naked Cameo (AT)
Never Sol (CZ)
Nihils (AT)
Nite Jewel (US)
Oscar Jerome (UK)
Pænda (AT)
Persons From Porlock (SI)
Peter Zirbs (AT)
Polar Circles (CH)
Ropoporose (FR)
Schönbrunner Gloriettenstürmer (AT)
Skip Skip Ben Ben (TW)
Sluff (AT)
Soia (AT)
Sonia Calico (TW)
Témé Tan (BE)
Tents (AT)
Tensalomi (AT)
The Homesick(NL)
The Pier (IT)
Tolstoys (SK)
Veronica Fusaro (CH)
View (FI)
Wandl (AT)
Xavier Darcy (DE)
Yungblud (UK)
Zeal & Ardor (CH)

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